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"In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer."

It's a quote from Albert Camus and one that k.d. lang
credits as the point of departure and source of inspiration
for Invincible Summer, her bright and balmy new Warner
Bros. Records release, and the quintessential summer
soundtrack of all time.

Equal parts surf and samba, capris and cotton candy, Beach
Boys and bossa nova, Invincible Summer is more than the
Grammy-winning vocalist/songwriter's evocation of
everyone's favorite season. More...

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Reviews about k.d. lang songs

Lament in 2010 | Reviewer: daryl
    ------ About the song Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) performed by k.d. lang

Here in Montreal we say:
Bonne nouvelle pour la m├ętropole-
The Gospel is that I am far worse than I imagine and simultaneously more loved and accepted by God than I ever dared hope for.(Tim Keller) Leonard, you say it all in this song. Jesus says it all by being an undeserving criminal and being the only human taking our place in post Fall 'achievement'. One greater than David has come.k.d. Lang appropriately sings this as a woman of Jerusalem weeping for ourselves and our children.

I dream of spring | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Dream Of Spring performed by k.d. lang

K D's performance on the morning show in NYC was outstanding.
Her band is tight and the music flows like angels wings.
God Bless her and her God given talent. She's a breath of fresh air to our troubled world.

Upstate New York fan.

helpless sung by KD | Reviewer: cat
    ------ About the song Helpless (Neil Young) performed by k.d. lang

I think it is a beautiful version. I love Neil's and I was surprised that I could like someone else's.

When We Collide is Beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When We Collide performed by k.d. lang

Such an awesome song. KD Lang has such a mutable style, I was blown away by this song. I was even more surprised to hear a KD Lang song on my local alternative rock station. But after hearing the song, it fit right in with the other genre. I will have to go out and buy the CD if for no other reason than When We Collide.

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