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Within Temptation Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) Lyrics

Last updated: 11/06/2011 10:00:00 AM

I've been dreaming for so long
To find the meaning to understand
The secret of life
Why am I here to try again?

Will I always, will you always
See the truth when it stares you in the face?
Will I ever, will I never free myself
Breaking these chains?

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

I've been living for so long,
Many seasons passed me by.
I've seen kingdoms through ages
rise and fall, I've seen it all.

I've seen the horror, I've seen the wonders
happening just in front of my eyes.
Will I ever, will I never free myself by making it right?

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

Jillian our dream ended long ago.
All our stories and all our glory I held so dear.
We won't be together
forever and deeper, no more tears.
I'll always be here til the end.

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

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Awesome Coincidence | Reviewer: Tamie-Lee | 4/10/11

Well as you are probably all aware by now as others have pointed it out, that this song was written in reference to the Deverry Series (By Catharine Kerr) I only just found this out today and I found it to be an awesome coincidence as I first started reading the Deverry Series years ago and they have since remained my favorite books. And I started listening to WT a couple years ago and they are one of my fave bands.. It's nice to know that one of my fave bands shares my taste in literature :D For those that like this song and havn't read any of the Deverry series I strongly suggest you do so, as if you like the song then you will certainly like the entire story that this song is about. The first book of the series is Daggerspell, so go find it at the library.

My God... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

I do not get it, I just read through all of this...
I only found out that some here are equally to "A priest that don't heal" in wow, you put hate on internet, if you have something bad to say plz, don't.

BTW, WT there is not much to say exept the bare boned fact that it is a realy greate band.

acctually there is no point for me to way it but I am going to anyways, thier singer is realy good, the instrumental part is also realy good and the lyrics are greate written. (This is already told here but yeah, that's why I did say that there is no point for me to say it still I thinks so).

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

Wow. I have never seen a more maddening and pointless discussion on this website than this. I looked at these comments hoping to get some interesting perspectives on this song but all I see is comparisons between wt and other bands and people arguing about opinions. If you want to argue about which bands fit in which genre and which band is the best and wich bands are lame then do it somewhere else!

As for this song, I think it's really cool and I love all the songs that wt did with the Black Symphony! It's pretty neat that they could do a concert with a full orchestra! I don't think wt can be defined by one genre because their range of music is so wide so I won't even bother. Great song wt!

Thanks for the info | Reviewer: caiuslarrius | 10/1/10

I like Within Temptation. This song is one of my favorites from them. Thanks for the person who mentioned what book it's coming from. I'll order that book this week (or next) and will probably read it during the Christmas break.

To everyone else who comes here to argue what kind of music it is, go somewhere else. I am sure there are hundreds of places to do that.

why fight!? | Reviewer: ana | 3/25/10

i love gothic rock, ut nowadays i try not to label bands, because music has reched freedom like never in ages. I hate labels because they cage you intro pre-concepts. i believe there are influences. and honestly, gothic or non gothic, Sharon´s band is incredible, lyrics are great and sound with orchestra really rocks! ok. i must confess it has some teenager flavor. Anyway, it does not make band bad. On the contrary, they brought some gothic influence to pop music and for those who love the concept but can´t stand the metal. i put them in the same shelf as my godsmack, the cure, smiths and even my radiohead best albums. like i said, no labels attached.

Inspired from a book! | Reviewer: Hermy | 3/18/10

I really love WT! Maybe some people don't like what they do, but objectively you cannot say that it's crap! Sharon has an incredible voice, their music is good and of great quality on stage, plus their lyrics are well written.

By the way, the album The Silent Force (from which is extracted Jillian) is symphonic metal, only the 1st album Enter and the following EP The Dance can be considered gothic metal...

Concerning the song Jillian, for those who ignore it, the lyrics are inspired by the first 4 books of the Deverry Cycle, written by Katharine Kerr. Those books of celtic fantasy about reincarnation are great, the first one is Daggerspell in case you'd want to read it! :)
In this song, we hear the thoughts of Nevyn, a magician condamned to live eternally unless he repairs his faults concerning the woman he loved, victim of a tragic death, and several centuries later reincarned as Jill...

The funny thing is that I bought the 1st book not long ago (I've just finished the 3rd and it's amazingly good!) and I just discovered that this song of one of my fave band was about the books I was reading! Crazy coincidence! lol!

duh | Reviewer: Lily | 2/23/10

seriously people, what's your freaking problem? I mean commenting is one thing and criticizing is a whole different story. Be respectful with your comments unless you want to be attacked for having such a poor intelligence. Go to sleep if all you got to say are critics. People don't care about idiots who have nothing interesting and intelligent to say.

BTW, if you critizise this band and any other band is because you certainly have a better and more succesful one, oh you don't... why am I not surprised?

Go to hell haters.

For the idiots who don't like WT! | Reviewer: WTfan | 12/28/09

I think whoever does not like them or what they do needs to shut the hell up and quit reading their lyrics! If they weren't good and people didn't like her dancing, they wouldn't have 10,000 people lining up in the freezing cold just to see them. so when you have 10,000 people lining up to see you then say something, untill then STFU YOU DOG DICK DUMBASS!!

goth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

i am sorry ev. used to have some gothic songs but they are not gothic...within temptation have some gothic songs but you can tell that they are a gothic band me both bands seem to be a kind of very light goth...

Ohh really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

"This is crap. Here in Sweden nobody would call this goth. Here this band has the same status as Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne and My Chemical Romance (I realize that these band don't play the same kind of music. but they are considered equally lame). Only fourteen year olds are allowed to listen to music like this without being mocked to death here"

Then why are you reading their lyrics? if you didnt like the music at all.

Ohh NVM. I believe sweden people just needs to grow up to understand the emotion of their lyrics got, if you compare WT with LP or w/e they called.

Or maybe just try to understand the lyrics of WT.. (I know i dont have the best english grammar ever but at least i can understand what i read.)

After all, i dont have so much things to say about WT. I love Sharon, I love WT, I love their lyrics, I love their OWN Style(Which is unique for me.. EV is not that close to their style for me.. Well maybe few songs..)
I wish they dont lose their style like NW did and keep on rocking ;)
[If you really need to put a genre on WT.. eehm you can call them Symphonic Rock/Metal, I believe]