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Can we last through the winter?
The water's starting to freeze.
The only one who remembers
Taking the wrong step, falling in front of me.
This body's already aging.
These nights are all ready long.
And if I last through the winter,
I swear to you now, I won't call.

Congratulations, go home now.

Will we last through the winter?
Will we make it to see?
I never wanted a partner and I never loved you,
Now you are free to leave.
This heart is already frozen,
I can't remember the fall.
And if I last through the winter,
I swear to you now, I won't call.

Congratulations, go home now.

It's too late, it's too late, they won't let go.
Follow five footsteps through that open door, open door.
It's too late, it's too late, they won't let go.
Follow five footsteps through that open door, open door.

It must be buried under the heart
That makes this pace consistent.
You'll find it torn, that gate's been opened?
I've been wondering if you've been real with us.

It's too late
It's too late, it's too late, they won't let go.
Follow five footsteps through that open door, open door.
It's too late, it's too late, they won't let go.
Follow five footsteps through that open door, open door.

It's start, stop and go you've been dying for, you've been dying for.

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9/23/10 You are wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/11

Most of the tracks from Circa's Juturna are inspired by Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Anthony Green has stated himself that a lot of the inspiration from this album has come from that movie. If you need further evidence, the titles of the tracks "Wish Resign" and "Meet me in Montauk" come directly from the movie itself. I think it's really neat that such an amazing artist was inspired by such an amazing movie.

Once Again... | Reviewer: SchustaRoosta | 2/11/11

This song is just another example of how great Anthony Green is. Not only is the actual writing pure genius but the actual note progression is just ripe to say the least. But then again, it is what I would expect from Circa. They always deliver.

Interpretation of Circa Survive from a psycho's mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/10

All of Circa Survive's lyrics, as morbid as it sounds, are based off the concept of suicide really. To me at the least. Every time i listen to the album "Juturna" each song has a new twist that complicates any thought process i've ever familiarized myself with. Each and every song on the Album hints a way towards a "no hope left" sort of theme and almost all of the songs mention death in a way. It may be figurative, or legitimately real; either way the topic has grown in my thoughts for 5 years now. Ever since i started listening to Juturna no band has ever captivated the emotion and darkness and reality of a real one's lust for sanctitude in a place with no comfort. Keeping that in mind, i have yet to find another group to satisfy me in finding music like this. Even down to the basic principles of music, the band cultivates its music into something spectacular. Not only are the lyrics deeper than any other i've heard, the music and the passion behind it drive it to harness and incarnate the feeling that the lyrics provide.

not sure | Reviewer: Chris | 1/5/10

At first glance, sure everyone thinks this song is just about ending a bad relationship with someone you don't really love. But the more I read these lyrics and think about eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (everyone knows this album was inspired by that movie right?, if not go watch it and listen again), the more I start to think it's more about the movie.

The first half of the song seems like the female character of the movie wanting to end the relationship, and the second half of the song might be more about the male character in the movie trying to erase her out of his mind as well, than regretting it and trying to fight having her erased from his memory;

"it's too late it's too late they won't let go"

Could that be a reference to the movie? I don't know maybe? Maybe not? This might be totally wrong, but you just never can know with Anthony's lyrics. They are never short of amazing.

Great Song! | Reviewer: Julio | 9/3/09

This Song Is one there great songs, its so deep and emotional, it has you been for more, i recalls the pass mistakes, and opportunities of life, all there music makes sense, Circa Survive Rules, It Keeps Me alive.

just a thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

when he says "can we last through the winter" i don't think he means the actual season, i think he's symbolizing the end of a relation ship, right after the fall(the end of it) and its now the winter(meaning like a cold time)

Cold... | Reviewer: Phobos | 6/29/08

No matter how cold the song might seem to you, but as long as the soul cries there is no other exit for you but to materialize those feelings. I do that by writing lyrics myself, inspired by many bands... One of them, this, Circa Survive. I certainly don't know what Saosin is like, but I am sure that Anthony Green, with his great artistic intelect, wouldn't go back his own steps... This is a new experience and should be qualified as such. This is a completely new band.

circa survive is love. | Reviewer: Ally. | 2/26/08

this band leaves me fucking speechless all the time. their lyrics are deep and have a message. circa survive cares about their fans and their music. Anthony Green is one of my favorite artists i have ever heard, hes amazing and brings so much to the band.
<3333333 love love love love

I LOV IT! | Reviewer: jona | 2/22/08

i lov this song and many people may be sayin that
its sad i like to think of it as a revolutionary
song saying that we both need to move on and
that its not gonna work...
and its striking independence...YAY
for circa Survive!

good | Reviewer: uh hey | 2/23/08

yeaaaaa, this song is great, makes me think of my ex boyfriend, who told me this song reminded him of me...not that much of a compliment, but its still amazing to listen to if someone broke up with you and you just kind of want to tell the fuck you...

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