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iiO Biography

Last updated: 06/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

IIO, pronouced I-O, is the apex of two distinct New York-based talents. Producer mastermind, Markus Moser, and 23-year-old singer/songwriter Nadia Ali .Nadia has been writing her own poetry since she was a teenager. She grew up in Queens, New York, and after soaking up the neighbourhood sounds of hip-hop, reggae, r&b and soca, she wrote her first song at sixteen and hasn't looked back. Hooking up with Markus (through a mutual friend who worked with Nadia at Versace) the iio project was born.)

New York pair iio's chart-topping club hit "Rapture" is the first single from Universal Records' Global Hits 2002 collection, released February 2002. The song is a heady mixture of house and pop music with a haunting vocal hook and a disco-driven bass. Creatively, Markus and Nadia complement each other. "Rapture" began as an anthem Moser composed at the behest of his friend Mike Bindra, then-manager of the New York nightclub Twilo. The song hit #2 on the U.K. singles chart and on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and was remixed by artists ranging from Deep Dish to John Creamer and Stephane K to Riva. "We started out doing this on an underground level," says Markus. "And not only is mainstream radio embracing us, but the people in the clubs haven't abandoned us. That's very important to iio, that we not be sellouts. We knew 'Rapture' was hot the minute we started writing it, but we're still amazed at what we've accomplished with this song, and we're totally blown away at how much people dig it."

The second single of IIO is "At the end". Again in the same way of "Rapture", it gained much moe attention from people. In France, "At the end" was on the GALACTIKA radio, the most played song.

2004 opens its doors with the third single of IIO : Smooth. The CD maxi contains 12 hot versions + one version of At The End. This single is different from the other (and fortunately). IIO offers this new opus which is worth buying and listening. That's an advice. We all hope that now, the release time for POETICA will be imminent. More news will follow.