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Daphne Loves Derby I Wish You Knew This Song Was About You Lyrics

Last updated: 12/02/2009 10:00:00 AM

This bedroom light distracts my stare
I find it hard to keep still
Everything is so still, like this
I wont have to wait for long before I start to see that you're the only thing that was

Will you stay, keep this evening calm
Will shield you from this night
Will make everything alright

Will you make sure the door is locked
We wont have to talk, as long as you are here with me again

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this song.. whoa | Reviewer: lauren | 10/24/2008

this song is so great i cant even describe how much i love it<33 it makes me sad though. this band totslly rocks!! if i was to rate this band and the highest i could go was 10 i would give them a billion and five hundred and ten