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Mortal Love I Want To Die Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2014 05:07:11 PM

I'm too tired of this life
(I just wanna die)
All I need is my big sleep
(I just wanna die)
You are so far away
(I love you to death)
You love someone else
(So I just wanna die)
I just wanna die

Another day passed me by
(I just wanna die)
Another day filled with pain
(I just wanna die)
You are not here
(I love you to death)
You're with someone else
(So I just wanna die)
I just wanna die

Create (create, create) hate (hate, hate, hate)
I hate myself for loving you

We have touched for the last time
You are long gone, in love with someone else
I now fear nothing but life itself
And I have learned that living is just a slow way to die
I do not believe in life or in love anymore
The joy I feel are the joys of the emptiness
I hate myself for loving you
The fear I feel night after night has developed into a disease
No one can see the emptiness in my eyes
To escape life itself now seems the only solution
With relief I look forward of letting go of the pain
Finally, there is peace in my soul
To lie dead without a concern, without a tear,
You own my heart
And life without you is so imensly painful
Just to think of you, talk about you, dream of you makes tears stream down my face
I cannot imagine happiness without your beautiful smile, your angelic face,
your wonderful body and your good heart
You are everything, I am nothing
I want to die
But really, I am already dead

Another day passed me by
(I still wanna die) Another day filled with pain
(I still wanna die)
You are so far away
(I love you to death)
And you love someone else
(So I just wanna die)
I just wanna die

Create (create, create) hate (hate, hate, hate)
I hate myself for loving you

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im a guy | Reviewer: last nightmare | 2/25/14

She betrayed me, she told me "everything will be ok", "we will be together", but, she never acted if it was true what she said. Its maddness when you are left behind, abussed, dead inside. I dont even recognize myself, I start acting weird even when im alone, every night I have to cry, and I start liking it, I like to feel pain, it makes me emotionless and strong, I want to kill a person and it would make me feel even more pain, death of my parents, even more sweet pain, I like it the way it stabs me inside, I dont cut myself, I punch a wall, 3 of my fingers were broken, huge scars on my arms will stay forever. I wrote a poem, hope you will understand what I ment in every line...

My portrait, in dark blue

Im in its field of vain
Broken, i cant understand my mission
Its not my decision

Blanks out my vision
Kills me again, flawlessly
Thats what the world is

As I leave, I will not come back
Im the one, im its caster
Thats right, and its maddness

Hides my existance, my invulnerability
Hes like me, dressed in red
Everyone has it, non the less

You cant kill us, no health
Give it back, its my
It overwhelmes my conciuosness
As I say goodbye

my half eaten heart | Reviewer: shina | 1/28/14

i love this song. its like the people that made this song was reading my thoughts and feelings. the person that broke my heart left me without saying a word and moved on to some other girl. how can someone say they love u as far as the univers goes then leaves without saying a word. and now im getting my heart broken a second time in a row after the first and the second one proposed to me then decided to leave me after 5yrs. i'm just gonna stop letting people in so i dont have to get hurt anymore...

Silhouette of emptiness... | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/28/13

This song has a deep impact to let us know the real darkness inside my heart, How lonely is it after he left me.. I cant even feel my pain.. I am screaming from inside, I am running against me towards the darkness, This song awake my from deep slumber of loneliness and gets connect me with the voice of grief...!
I love this song.. I feel this song...!!

I'm gonna kill myslf. | Reviewer: xxxSuicidegurlxxx | 11/11/12

The guy I love won't come to me... I can't have him. He means si much to me that I cringe on seeing him wit his gf. I love him so much... I've never
cared about sumone so much before. Why can't he leave her and come to me? He knows I love him. I told him how much I love him... He acted like he cared about me even tho he was wit her... How could he do that?

Eaten Ribs | Reviewer: EatenRibs | 5/21/12

This song mekes me feel better, i dont wanna die now but sometimes it feels good to think about it like a long rest, not the death itself, i mean the feeling of to be just about to die... Misterious psicological stories...

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/12

I really like the lyrics to this song and can relate to it in every single way. I'm recently recovering from depression and hospitilization so I know it does get better. Yes, some people, like the person who sad he hates emo people and people who cut their wrists, suck. But they are afraid of something they don't even understand, so there is no point in arguing. People struggling with an emotional issue need to stay strong and not let cruel words get to us. I myself honestly want to lunge at whoever posted that, because of my battle wounds and scars, but that would make things worse. I love everyone who understands what I've been through and others in the same situation. Peace :)

To all those who relate to this song | Reviewer: Mrinalini | 3/31/12

I've read some of the comments here,and I honestly think you guys must be going through some extreme shit. Maybe you could try writing a diary to release your pain to a certain extent. I'm not saying that this'll make it go away,but it may make it a bit more manageable. I hope y'all begin feeling better soon!

At "To those of you who feel you relate to this song" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/12

OK, STFU. No one really cares what you have to say if you're going to hate on this song. Maybe YOU have never felt what the song is talking about, but other people have, including myself, and you have NO idea what it is like. OK? I myself may not be "perfect" and as "emotionally stable as you", and other people might not be as well, so why don't you hop off their dick and get the fuck off this page. If you have nothing good to say, or any comforting words to the people who are hurting, no one really cares about your opinion. And to your other point about how you hate emo people and people who cut themselves... WHAT THE FUCK. seriously? well I'm so sorry we aren't as "perfect" as you. ok? so shut up, get off this site, and go live your "perfect" life. k? bye

my gothic poem | Reviewer: say im fine with bleeding wrist | 11/26/11

Hey everyone, just to say that i completly relly to this song and it really inspired me, so i wrote a poem thanks to that song, here s the first part, tell me if you like it or not and what i d need to change about it :

The pain is making me cry blood
The only person i can blame is myself
My heart is slowly becoming cold
I fear nothing but life itself

Love is leading me to sorrow
My bloodshot eyes keeps me from seing you
I hope i will see tomorrow
But without you death is the only thing it'll lead me to

My heart is full of hate for my feeling
The only thing love can lead me to
Is a need for disapearing
I cannot live another day without you

I see myself in a bloodbath
The eyes full of emptiness
I will find out the right path
As I lose my consciousness

At anonymous 6/22/10 | Reviewer: hoobad | 10/15/11

Hi there, Anon. You and I are in the same sticky situation. She's with another guy, far away, and all I want is her; now she's utterly torn between us, but though she loves me, I think, she can't be without him. Sound familiar? Thankfully, I'm not suicidal about it; malhereuxment, she is. Need any advice, I've been battling this situation for about a year and a half. Give a shout.

what are u talkin' about?! | Reviewer: raki | 9/10/11

Love is not only when you love a girl or a boy! You feel love for your family, your brothers, your sisters! So there are people out there who has lost all their family and their life is totally fuked up(maybe because they have incurable deseases too, which doesn't let them to work, so they don't have much money for living), so don't come out talkin shit folks!! "I want to die" is just an expression to better figure out the idea of anguish that the person who wrote this feels, it doesn't mean this person really killed himself/herself wtf!! When my brother pisses me off i sometimes say to him: "im goin to kill you now", fuk folks it doesnt mean im goin to kill him seriously. I love him and if i'll loose him someday i'll feel just like the person who wrote this song.

to the asshole that left the comment "To those of you who feel they relate to this song" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/11

For the person who said that people who cut their wrists are stupid : YOU deserve to die. People actually have problems and that's the only way that they can deal with it. Some poeple even feel that cutting is the only pain the can control. So shut the fuck up if you don't know about real problems

To those who don't understand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

This is NOT a song about love. This is a song about passion, which is destructive and absolutely cannot lead you to happiness. You can't tell someone to be happy beause love is beautiful. I agree with all of you, love is a beautiful thing, probably the most beautiful thing. But not passion.

Love and peace! | Reviewer: Illaudatus | 7/22/10

For some of us love relly brought huge ammounts of pain and sorrow... If after a realationship depression have installed, emotions are exagerate in only negative thoughts. I am advising everyone to go to a psychologist. There are medications for it and is not something to be judged. Love and peace!

Telling the truth | Reviewer: Just ME | 6/28/10

Come on .. serious the song is not that cool and who want really to die not sing a song tell everyone i will die! beside however your life is bad be positive that tomorrow will be a new day .. love!! strange word for me i never love someone so deep to kill myself for him except my dad .. And if you love someone and he/she love someone else let him/her go .. if you really love her as you say .. you should be happy for her/him that he/she happy .. so please don't feel you wanna die because that reason love!
I am telling truth that you can change your feeling and help other to stand up .. For those who want answers or a friend to support them ( serious that what i am good in it) contact me in my e-mail :