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Bad Brains House Of Suffering Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2010 11:00:00 AM

In this house of suffering
I gotta let some joy in
I hear that freedom will win
Oh where oh where can jah love be now
My dear, it's here in the underground
Inside the hearts of your own children
In this house of suffering
I spiritualogic grin, in
One way grace is my friend
To conquer doom and sin
And all the nations lying
While all our people crying
And they stop at nothing!...nothing!...nothing!
In this house of suffering
Don't want but just one thing
Got to have my origin
In this house of suffering.

Thanks to Nigel Whitford for submitting House Of Suffering Lyrics.

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Love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/10

One of my all time BB faves. For the first time on i against i, they were able to balance the spirit of rebellion with the higher level of musicianship that they were coming into with rasta. It was totally unique & it's (thankfully) never been duplicated. My favorite line is where HR refers to his "spiritualogic grin" & relates it to his connection to "grace". It's pure poetry (as usual) & an everyday thing for me!

One of the best songs ever. | Reviewer: | 3/25/10

It's a long list, but this song is on it. A great moment in American history, when a young D.C. based jazz band found it's way into hardcore punk while embracing the Rastafarian faith. Hearing is believing?