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Sandra Hiroshima Lyrics

Last updated: 05/05/2011 11:00:00 AM


There's a shadow of a man at Hiroshima,
where he'd pass the noon
In a wonderland at Hiroshima
'neath the August moon
and the world remembers his face
remembers the place was here

Fly the metal bird to Hiroshima
and away your load
speak the magic word to Hiroshima
let the sky explode
and the world remembers your name
remembers the flame was here...

and the world remembers his name
remembers the flame was here...
Hiroshima, hiroshima, hiroshima ...

Thanks to Dave Morgan for submitting Hiroshima Lyrics.

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princess of music | Reviewer: SETARE | 1/9/10

i loooooooooooove sandra more than every singer in the word . in the past or now or in the future. she has a realyyyyyyy magic sound.i loveeeeeee you for ever . even you do not sing a song any more i justhear your songs. :********
from iran

Hiroshima - what would you know sandra??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

These are without a doubt the worst lyrics I have ever listened to or read, especially contextualised by the terrible video.

Absolutely terrible!

The song itself is not the worst and typical of the music in the 80's....

Catching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

To Sandra.
What a wonderful version of "Hiroshima". You haw a remarkable voice, and the power you give when you sing the word hiroshima is awesome. I can't seem to stop myself from putting the song on repeat.

Thank you
Miriam from Denmark

Hello sandra | Reviewer: Lufuno Rathogwa | 11/2/07

SAndra, your music really rocks. I first heard you in 1997 from the album called PAINTINGS IN YELLOW, i liked the song called "one more night". Please keep it up. you are good in singing. I am from South Africa(venda).