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Slipknot Gently Lyrics

Last updated: 11/18/2013 05:03:34 PM

Gently, my mind escapes into the relaxing
World of pleasure, a pleasure that'll take
My mind off the realities of my life,
My past life... life as I know it now.

And whatever may come, it slowly
Disappears to somewhere in the back
Of my mind. It will remain there,
Until I wish to retrieve it.

Yes, I will stay here for a while,
For I need the break. A break from the
Pressures of life, and everything
That lays in the palm of life's's hands.

This moment's incredible. It's out of
This world. Too bad I must always leave it...
... that's life.
... that's life.
... that's life.
... that's life.


Thanks to Alan for submitting Gently Lyrics.

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yes | Reviewer: dtk | 11/18/13

this song came out on my berthday with makes i so much better i started lesing to the band whn i was like 6 and ie loved i ever sence theres no way for me to exspress my love for this song tho bc it was the song that saved my life for almost serten death thankyou slipknot

Woo | Reviewer: Jen | 7/11/11

This song, like so many others on MFKR is about the White Wolf game Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Confessions takes terms directly from the game (ie Weaver, Wyld and Wyrm) and the self-titled track mentions Bone Gnawers and the Black Hand. In this, the term Shift is used to change from human to wolf and back again, and I believe what's typed as "mode" here is actually "This body's incredible", which makes more sense and always leaving it could refer to entering the Umbra. I notice that many of the references to WW are taken out in songs Corey remade, such as Gently and Iowa (aka Killers are Quiet). Apparently he wasn't as much of a fan? :)

drugs yo | Reviewer: SkateFiend | 12/26/10

I do agree that this song can be interpreted in many many many ways, however I am fairly confident that it's about drugs. In one of the old ass interviews there was a mention about it, cant remember what drug though

History | Reviewer: Tony | 8/21/10

@ Anonymous 1/24/10: World of Warcraft didn't exist when this song was written, which was like 1995, maybe even earlier, because they first started in 1992, with Anders and Shawn. I think Mick and Joey joined a little later, I can't remember.

Relaxing. :D | Reviewer: Joe | 3/30/10

This song always helped me relax when ever I got pissed off or too depressed. I would always scream my heart out to this song. People thought I was insane because of it. XD Well fuck them. It gave me a sense of power.

Maggot for life!

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/10

The meaning behind this is endless. It can be interpreted in a thousand ways.

When I was reading them lyrics, there was a World of Warcraft banner on the left of the screen. You could interpret it like that, too: "This mode is incredible... too bad I must always leave it... but that's life!"

Iowa (Gently) | Reviewer: Ohio's #1 Maggot | 5/21/09

i think this version is alot better. i really liked the acoustic beginning of the MFKR version, but this is so much more creepier. It feels like it needs to be... a serial killer's theme song. Iowa was the heaviest of all slipknot albums

MFKR version | Reviewer: Bill | 3/19/08

Slipknot did an awesome song on this song... It's meaningful and has great music to back it up

I think the MFKR version beats the Iowa version, simply because of the acoustic at the beginning that gives it that touch it needs.

Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

this is a true classic song. the lyrics are so good, there isnt much of them, but they are brilliant. It is one of the more unknown songs by slipknot but is by far my favourite and even if i stop listening to metal i will always listen to this

stay (sic) maggots

Vastly Beyond My Ken | Reviewer: Jesse | 7/30/07

This song's true power, the emotion that it conveys... the vast majority of listeners could barely realize the most miniscule significance of these lyrics. A beautiful menagerie of sentiments couple with the most apt tune comprehensible.