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Leftover Crack Gang Control Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2014 09:43:11 PM

I'm being hunted by paleface in blue
and these cracker, spooks are haunting you too
With municipal shovels they're out digging our graves
Under threat of reprisal, we abide to be enslaved

Policia, policia; why can't you see
Your bullets will never pacify me
I dont fight the world; the world fights me
Cause the gang in control is the fucking PD

(That's right)

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta take it back
Everyone get up and let's go

Your politics are politi-kill
I'll take the bullet to prove that you kill
you front the facade of a "righteous man"
But the hole in your heart put a gun in your hand

Protecting the money and absolving the state
Crushing the people with the laws they create
Nothing forgotten and nobody saved
You can not break me, force me to behave

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta tear it down
Everyone get up and let's go
around the globe it's in our hands
from the states out to iran
across the ocean, back again
england, zaire and japan

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta tear it down
Everyone get up and let's go

Fuck the police
They're gang control
We gotta tear it down everyone let's go
Individuals who hate man
With kings license to clean the land
Fill the already one way laws
Around The world to suit their "cause"

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This song holds very dear to me (warning:contains some logical? venting) | Reviewer: TruePunkGirl | 8/9/14

This song is literally one of many true punk songs that influenced my decision not too vote because why the fuck am I gonna help turn this world topsy turvy? I love how I say that as if the world isn't already shit. I'm sure Sid Vicious would be damn proud of LoC and other true punk bands not these media trained monkeys who are more emo than punk. Lyrically, instrumentally, politically these new age(hate to say it) 'punk' bands don't have shit on LoC and other actual stick to the roots punk bands. Sorry for the venting, people just piss me off so much. FUCK THE POLICE (FUCK THE GOVERNMENT)

'None are more hopelessly enslaved... | Reviewer: Assburgers sucks | 1/29/13

... than those who falsely believe they are free.'
Testing that freedom is crucial. Police are the enforcers of its boundaries.
LoC are the kinds of people who test freedom of speech and action. This is a good thing.

I've been through a lot of shit for being different (born this way) not for being unethical, offensive or anything rational to criticise. Throughout my lonely life, these experiences made me reflect privately on the massive injustice pervasive in society, the fascism of the group/ herd mentality and the fact that this ranges from kids in school all the way through to the unenlightened, uneducated big kids egos you constantly find in power. Or with a badge and a gun. It's the same in the UK. Police are corrupt, even if they don't know it themselves!

When I hear LoC I feel like I'm in the company of friends, for once. They get it.

Leftover Crackkk. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/12

You're all dumb. I don't know why people have to get into arguments over fucking music. That's stupid. If you like this shit, listen to it. If you don't, then obviously don't waste your precious time listening to it. See ya's. (;
-And, in case you're wondering. Yes, obviously I like Leftover Crack, since I wasted my time coming to this lyrics page. Lol.

time. | Reviewer: caveman | 2/19/12

For all of you ignorant fucks that don like this song: DON LISTEN TO IT YOU STUPID ASS! Its fuckin music for mice sake! Cheese an rice people you jus don get it. But to th others who review'd it. Good on ya. We need more understandin folks such as yerself. Oh but fer th record choking v never did this song. They made two count em 2 albums then broke up cause of hellshat (I know its hellcat I jus hate tim armstrong) an th fact that they dropped tent city records.

not a review | Reviewer: josh | 5/5/11

just stopping by to say i like this band, not as much as choking victim, but i don't share their beliefs like some of you retards. also stza is a much better singer than ezra, who is often just obnoxious to hear (yer gonna have to drag the lake!)

G20 Brutality | Reviewer: G20 protester | 6/29/10

Youtube G20 Toronto protests, I was in them and saw shit that changed me, sitting and peaceful people being beaten and arrested, horse trampling, tear gas. I always loved LOC and CV etc, but I didn't fully believe the hardest stuff in their songs until now.

well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

im white. im well off but im a longboarder on probation. i live in republican central with lots of rich bastards. being on probation and longboarding i get a LOT of harassment cuz me n my "hoodlum" friends are disturbing the piece. wats the fucking crime in staying out of trouble?!

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

This song has alot of meaning. We weren't brought up to hate cops, cops adapted to hating us, just cuz we are lower classed minorities they think they could treat us like scum. Well I say... FUCK THE POLICE!!!

retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/10

i'm thinking people that disagree with this song are white people that are well off. obviously, cops don't bother you, and you will never have to worry about being fukd over by them. but us, the common folk, refer to cops this way because they give us a reason. we didn't just grow up hating them, our hate for them is the outcome of they're treatment toward us. now, this song is one of the best and you cant argue about it.

Really???? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

I hate this band but the song just came up on my so I wanted to check the lyrics. This is straight out of some 7th graders notebook angry that the school security guard told em he couldn't bring hus spraypaint can to school. These guys really are the ICP of punk rock

Morning glory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

Actually none of the bands cover the song, it belongs to each of them, as you all should know, both Leftover Crack and morning glory evolved out of Choking Victim, and it was a choking victim song before anything.

It's the change that counts. | Reviewer: Annie | 12/31/07

The thing about this is song is it's catchy, fun to sing along to and good to dance to as well.
But more importantly is the message it brings.
It's one hell of an anti-fascist anti-cop song, and people need to realise that, and the fact that there is so much police brutality.

Eternal love xx

werd | Reviewer: crizack | 8/5/07

Great tune, but, Morning Glory does not cover this song,
It was a Morning Glory song before it appeared on Fuck World Trade.

morning glory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

there is a cover by morning glory, its beter nd some ways but not as good as this one in other, if uve heard this song get the cover, morning glory changed up the song here nd there, nd the lyrics got switched around alot

Leftover Crizack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/04

This is an amzing song and anyone who likes ska/punk/lefover crack music should hear it