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Forever, your eyes will hold the memory.
I saw your heart as it overtook me.
We tried so hard to understand and reason
But in that one moment, I gave my heart away.

I gave my heart away.
In that moment, I gave my heart away.
In that moment, I gave my heart away.

With that perfect breath where my mind lay beside me
And all I knew is what had overtaken me.
With no reason, I am comforted by inability to understand.

Forever, your eyes will hold the memory.
I saw your heart as it overtook me.
We tried so hard to understand and reason
But in that one moment, I gave my heart away.

I gave my heart away.
In that moment, I gave my heart away.
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In that moment, I gave my heart away.

Forever your eyes will hold the memory.
Forever your eyes will hold the memory.
Forever your eyes will hold the memory.

When I wake from this dream,
Will your smile still open my heart
And leave me transparent?

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this is annoying | Reviewer: Die before I wake | 8/19/13

I mean who the fuck cares if this is a christian band or not?! If the music is good who the fuck cares about their religion , or what church they go to or if they go to church on Sunday! I love As I Lay Dying and I honestly dont care about the religion. Music is music no matter what

I agree with both sides | Reviewer: Tony | 3/5/12

I think they are a band that writes music and plays it thru their Christian views. And they play their music with a Christian inspiration.. Honestly, I think that's half the reason their music is as good as it is.

Christianity in music. | Reviewer: Mason | 7/28/11

AILD are influenced by their religous views. They have stated many times that they write about life through the eyes of a christian. They don't directly scream "I LOVE GOD! PRAISE HIS NAME!". However, they write in a sense that shows they're experiences and how they are taken through a Christian point of view. Many, many, many times he's said that in interviews, but not many people seem to take note of it.

To the song now.. Amazing song, great instrumentally, great vocally and amazing lyrically. AILD are certainly a band to keep watching in my opinion.

Views | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/11

I hear that As I Lay Dying is a christian band, also i hear otherwise. I personally feel that they are a band with christians in it. An artist makes a song to where you can interperet it in more than one way. An artist will use metaphores that, when combined in a such a way, will have more than the one intended meaning. I believe that some songs by As I Lay Dying do....i guess mock christianity but that isnt the only way to see them. You can look at them with a religious view and/or even in a negative/positive view towards all types of relationships. One more thing, you dont have to judge a song by its lyrics, you can also judge it upon its instrumental work. Lyrics arent always required but you can still consider vocals as an instrument. I love both the instrumentals and the vocals. Itll depend on how i feel it sounds. Even if i dont like the lyrics, that doesnt mean im not going to like the song, nor the artist. Just listen to a song in a way where youll love it. And the more things you love about a song, the more youll love the song itself.

>> as i lay dying : songs and music..!! | Reviewer: amar wildchild neupane | 5/8/11

>> this is the first song of as i lay dying that i heard,, and this song made a good impression to me about this band..!! this song truely took my heart away,, !! as i lay dying is my second favourite band after children of bodom... i like their music nd their vocals.. the previous bassist used to give a typical vocals which sounded purfect in between TIM LAMBESISS's vocal....!! for the viewers of this review,, i'd like to suggest that if you've heard this song nd liked it then id suggest you to listen to other songs of as i lay dying... these songs are equally gud >> through struggle,, collision,, elegy,, behind me lies another fallen soldier,, darkest nights,, meaning in tragedy,, the begining,, 94 hours,,sound of truth...!! im sure u metal heads will definately love it...!! \,,/ to all mah brothers in metal..!! keep metal music alive........

Correction to Anonymous | Reviewer: Phil | 2/15/11

"As I Lay Dying is one of my favorite bands, probly top 3 are Mudvayne, Amon Amarth and As I Lay Dying. oh and by the way for all you people who don't know, Lamb of God mocks christianity, thyre not a christian band"

Lamb of god is most certainly not a religious band. i listen to them religiously. so i should know. But they certainly dont mock Christianity. You may get that impression by their songs "Blacken the cursed sun" and "Forgotten(Lost Angels)" but those songs are about how randy blythe felt in life when he wrote them.

And now, back to AILD. Fantastic band. listen to them regularly also. And to emphasize others on a positive note, they are christian based. Their songs relate to christian views but never directly mention it. as one person said in rough, that would just be a stupid move. it would really limit their audience.

I just wish that people would stop comparing bands that are not in the same game. AILD and LoG are not the same metal. so stop comparing and just enjoy.

Metal for unity \m/ | Reviewer: V-insane | 2/4/11

Metal is used to be a tools of unity. In my country Indonesia as long their song are fit in our Metalheads ears they'll listen to it, not matter the band religion, lyrics or the other things. Even i'm Catholic i also the big fans of Dimmu Borgir, Naglfar, Behemoth, Hour of Penance etc, even they're a Black/Black Death Metal band, but yeah AILD is my favourite number one Metalcore band! \m/

There's an idiot below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/11

Seeing as how some guy just raged about pure garbage, I'll correct him. Tim has said multiple times that AILD lyrics are not about spiritual things, but are written from the perspective of a Christian. It doens't have to say God in the lyrics for the song to have a some religious meaning to it

shut up. its not about religion. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/11

As i Lay Dying doesnt write their music about religion that would be stupid thing for a metal band to do. they may be catholic or christian same difference but it is metal so shut up about it already and rock out to the best music out there. and know one likes the christians that claim random things to be about god when it clearly is not.

CooL AILD is in Christian! :D.. | Reviewer: Shadow Warrior | 1/7/11

Ok, great! I know in fact tht As I Lay Dying facts of their perspectives of christianity and relates to what the five members are, actualy makes me feel fine tht im listining to something good like AILD! (I mean, not good, i meant AWSOME!) ::.... But i still need further explination to convience my religious-dad tht thy arent bad.... then why does AILD s album cover An Ocean Between Us & Shadows are Security look so satanic, (Bmu the dead skull and i thnk like a Reaper hiding beind th half-moon wit its and extended reaching with givin a horns sign ..,) How am i going to explain and convience my dad tht thy are a good band for a christian to listeb to???

lamb of god and as i lay dying religion similarities | Reviewer: matt | 10/4/10

lamb of god is not a christian band the genre is metal core and groove metal and as i lay dying is christian but they dnt push religion on anyone they just go out and make the best damn music they can because they love what they do not cause some god told them to do it they do it cause they like to see their fans respect and honor them just as regular ppl not as religious or christian they just want to b know for what they do and really who they r r ppl who work hard to get where they r at and dnt get respect b cause alot of ppl put too much matter to the subject of being a christian metal band when they really just go out their and do what they like and love doing

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/10

As I Lay Dying is one of my favorite bands, probly top 3 are Mudvayne, Amon Amarth and As I Lay Dying. oh and by the way for all you people who don't know, Lamb of God mocks christianity, thyre not a christian band

?!!? | Reviewer: gits | 12/27/09

i thiok As I Lay Dying is a gud band. i dnt care if they are christians or not. their music is enough for me. bout Lamb of God, ive never heard any of their lyrics inclined towards christianity. Im Kenyan and people here love As I Lay Dying, most of them dont know they are a 'christian' or 'christians in a band'

whatever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

u would have to be an idoit to think Lamb of God is a christian band. Im a christian myself and i dont care what religion a band is as long as it is good music who cares. Mark Morton is a beast on guitar ( just thought i would add that in). And As I Lay Dying is just of an awesome band as Lamb of God.

reply to "Clarity on religion" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/09

lamb of god is NOT a christian band. if they were, they wouldn't use any bad language in their music. as i lay dying writes their music from a christian perspective. an exact quote from the lead singer, Tim Lambesis, states, "I'm not sure what the difference is between five Christians playing in a band and a Christian band. If you truly believe something, then it should affect every area of your life. All five of us are Christians. I believe that change should start with me first, and as a result, our lyrics do not come across very "preachy." Many of our songs are about life, struggles, mistakes, relationships and other issues that don't fit entirely in the spiritual category. However, all of these topics are written about through my perspective as a Christian."
the members of lamb of god may be christians personally,i don't know, but their music is not.

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