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Dre (Andre Young) was born in February 18, 1965, Los Angeles, California.
He was raised in Compton, and got his nickname by adoring basketball superstar, Dr. J. His step-brother is Warren G. His brother got killed in a fight while Dre was on tour with N.W.A "My brother was my best friend. He was three years younger than me." Dre tells of being on the road when he received a phone call with the bad news. "You never forget that."
He started off as a D.J for parties as a teenager, and soon earned himself a spot in the "Eve After Dark" club, where he would play keyboards and sing.

Once a member of the rather anonymous group, "World Class Wreckin' Cru", Dre earned himself a name by producing tracks for Eazy-E, the D.O.C and others, and later became a gangsta rap pioneer as a co-founder, member, co-producer and rapper in the controversial group, N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude).

The band was extremely successful and was very promoted by endless scandals and unfettered messages of street violence. The debut album (Straight Outta compton) went platinum with minimal radio play, the second LP entered the charts at number one. "We loved the controversy. It's the reason we blew up as big as we did. It wasn't hurting us, it was helping us."

The group disbanded in '91, but Dre didn't stop for a second:
He established Death Row Records along with Marion "Suge" Knight, and shortly after released "The Chronic" (1992), which sold over three million copies, won two Grammy Awards, and is still considered to be one of the most influential rap albums ever.

The album introduced the new Death Row artists, such as Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound, and marked Dr. Dre not only as one of the most creative producers in the rap/hip-hop industry, but also as a fantastic rapper.
The following Death Row album, Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Doggystyle", was produced by Dr. Dre, and sold four million copies.
"I was trying to take it places no other record company had ever been," he says.
"Not just limiting myself to R&B and hip hop. I wanted to branch off into jazz, reggae,
and black rock 'n' roll."

In 1994 he directed the short film "Murder Was The Case", and co-produced the soundrack. He also added a song to the soundtrack entitled "Natural Born Killaz", which marked the reunion with former fellow band member, Ice Cube. That was his last work with protege Snoop Doggy Dogg. He decided that Snoop, who didn't make a single step without his mentor, should stick to his own work. In that same year he released a compilation album, entitled "Concrete Roots", which contained some old and some newer material.

In 1995 Dre contributed a track for the "Friday" soundtrack, "Keep Their Heads Ringin'". The track was a massive success, and won Dre the MTV "Best Rap Song" award in '96.

In that same year he left Death Row, and started his own label, "Aftermath Entertainment", a joint venture with Interscope Records.

"At first it was just a big family thing," he says. "But the more money that got made, the further apart everybody came. It's like, certain people started becoming what they hated." He adds:
"I wasn't feeling comfortable with the people I was around. Everybody wasn't professional. I always wanted things at Death Row to be right and positive, because I'm a positive person. And the situation I was in wasn't, plain and simple. It was too much negativity. Most likely, there are gonna be records coming out dissing me, dissing people I've worked with and am going to be working with. It's just a lot of negative bullshit. So from here on out, Death Row Records don't even exist to Dre."

In November 26, 1996, Dr. Dre released the compilation album "Dr. Dre Presents... The Aftermath", which featured new performances from several well-known artists as well as introducing more than a dozen Aftermath Entertainment artists and producers.

The albums unites hip-hop and R&B , east coast and west coast, hardcore and pop, male and female, old school and new school, delivered by talented performers hand picked by Dre, the album's executive producer.
One of the tracks in the album is "East Coast/West Coast Killas", which collaborates various artists from both coasts such as Nas, KRS-1, B-Real, RBX, and of course Dr. Dre.

"Now I'ma be able to do whatever I wanna do," he claims. "If it works, it's on me. If it fails, it's on me. But I'm an innovator. I like trying things." In that year he also released another compilation album, "First Round Knockout".

On top of the list of Dre's future projects is Helter Skelter, Dre's long-awaited reunion with Ice Cube, which Dre wanted to do since '94.
"If Cube is still into it, I definitely wanna do that record. I don't give a fuck if it's 10 years from now, and we're like walking on canes with gray hair. I wanna do that record, cuz I think it'll be amazing."

There were also rumors of an N.W.A. reunion, but it seems that Dre is not interested. "That was my past," he says. "What I thought was the thing to do then. I mean, I think 'Straight Outta Compton' was a classic hip-hop album. But I do look back on a lot of the things we were saying and doing then and go, "Damn!". But the shit was dope at the time. Would I ever do that N.W.A. material right now? No. No way. I'm more into totally positive moves."

And what about a solo album?
Dre is working on "The Chronic 2000: No Seeds", which will be released on November '99, and has already announced the album will contain two tracks with Snoop Doggy Dogg, with whom he hasn't worked for almost four years, and should also include tracks with Redman, Eminem, RBX, Xzibit and others.

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I respect | Reviewer: dadskhalo | 6/16/13

I am from south africa and I respect your dr dre cause by following your history of music industry and listening to your production I found that things are possible when I work hard as you are. Peace bro. I respect.

Dre fan | Reviewer: Litu lurd tomyoung | 12/14/12

Dre truely you are number 1, coz 1 i do feel lifely when ever i listen to your sound track, how i ever wish to join you at aftermat, but as long as you live you we ever remain my role model. One love dre

Miss.barbie from south africa | Reviewer: Elbinicia | 4/16/12

Hey drey..im from south africa ..uhm im writing my own songz but just dont know wer to start ..i know dr.drey also startedt small and reading hez story just makes me wana make my dream come true..they say life is hard bt u just have to keep on fighting for what u want bt i just know how to begin ..to let peepz see hear my music..

get to know about dre any time | Reviewer: law newton yaya | 1/7/12

you've been very good from child hood and you lasted from a long way don't think your talent can be taken from you by any other rapper.Even me th law have succeeded in shinning but i don't ever see my way to reach such a level of your but still the same you still the best may be that's why you came out with still Dre day

Rap it out | Reviewer: JNZN | 1/2/12

U know when u find that song that dicribs what you've been feeling for so long... I found it and it helps get me through the day. I hope u find yours if u haven't already
I've had this pain that I've keept bottled up inside u helped me get it out Now I rap it out and put it on paper and some day I hope u hear it

Yo BiGG DaDDy of RaP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/11

haollaat yu man, if its really r someone fakin i dont mind to text this, cuz i like to stick on to tha positive part, well imma be lookin in to make ma records n gain lil fame, but ist so painful tat none 's there to promote tha rap shitt here in INDIa. so do let me knw whether u can help givin yo guidance n ways to get to tha fame even its so painful........

HEYY! | Reviewer: charlotte | 6/1/11

this is a sad story and i feel ya dr.dre,but i bet your brother lived with music as you do now .My mom died and i wll forget the day i knew the bad news,It was even more annoying cause it happenened when i still sleeping!so DR.DRE! i know how it feels.Peace out :)

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

Dr.Dre is really awesome!! He is one of the biggest legends. I feel really bad that his son died. Even if they didnt know eachother, they could still love eachother. He is a real rapper and he helped Eminem get into his career. Eminem is the best because he learned from the best. Dre is a beast and has been lucky enough to get to work with some amazing people.

The G.O.A.T. | Reviewer: Blessing | 3/24/11

Dre u r the best.i love u but not on that gay shit.i'm an up& coming house/kwaito producer/dj from South Africa consintrating on my own label this year& u are the reason i'm doing this even if it's hard.the BEST, the LEGEND, the KILLER on boards.much love. GOD love u man. GOD loves us. Seen 2 singles' videos& i undastand where the music is at right now, love that.waiting 4 the album 2 hit SA & i'll cop that as i did the others.much love. LOOTBOYZ out.

bass player band director | Reviewer: t-green | 10/18/10

I had the pleasure of working side by side with Dr.Dre in 93 to about 96 I was creating all the basslines on songs like gin and juice,indo smoke,murder was the case,let me ride remix and many others..we had lots of great times making some classic rap..I enjoyed bringing to the table people like the dramatics,george clinton,ricky rouse,randy jacobbs,carl small,nanci flecter,val young,and the list goes on..Im mentioned in both dre book and the rise and fall of death row records..still playing bass im considerd to be a legend in the music...i love my time served on death row!!!

Mike | Reviewer: Mike f | 1/6/10

Dre, by the grace of god that you see this, thank you for getting me through some very hard times. I'll never forget listening to the next episode before the biggest track meets of my life at nationals, and falling asleep to the message, And more importantly kickin back with my friends closing our eyes And listening to nwa/chronic/2001.
Thank you Sir for you have been a constant inspiration and I will never forget you until the day that I die.

Dre the best. | Reviewer: Archie | 5/23/09

wow! its great to know much about you dre, you re the best i think, old sch and new sch you re the best.
pls still hold on dre, we need you all times,
young nigga want to be like you, pull ur greatness into the yougth wit more hits.
peace dre, we all love you fr Liberia, Mc Archie.

chronic | Reviewer: andre fan | 5/4/09

yo dre is your intention to make people feel they are on weed if they listen to your music? well i get that feeling!
and i get a even more amazing feeling if i combinate those two things!
Dre, i love you man!
keep producing and rapping!

The world is Waiting for "The Chronic Triligy" | Reviewer: Gabriel Medina | 1/6/09

Mr. Andre Young,
Dr Dre.

I belive you are the best Music producer of our time. There are also many Strong Music producers out there as well. But I belive you are the best.

Dre, Snoop, Slim, (all) hear me out on this one.
I been talking to alot of my friends and we (lots of us aggree that we - (The World) want the Chronic Triligy) to be produced. We all agree that this cd will be the best Cd ever made by Dre himself.
I also belive that Dre Fan base is alive Strong all over the world.
Well for me at least Yo!!!!

There is no one stronger than Dr Dre!!!!

To you and to all you playaz in this world.
Jesus love you all and the dog pound....with their fly bitch....

DJ Gabe Funky Cool Medina
ok will you excused me I have to roll this J

Gabe Medina

NEW RAPER 15 IN ALBANIA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

2pac is a legend but dre is 1. WEST COAST out of rep muthefucker east coast we bead boy cillers. WEST COAST VS. EAST COAST I love so much back in 1996 and dont killer tupac. KILLED ALL BAD BOY (NOT BIGGE) fuck Mob,Diddy,Chino Xl ALL EAST COAST. REST IN PEACE TUPAC SHAKUR. YUO ARE 1 FOR EVER

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