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Lately you’ve been questioning if I still see you the same way
Cause through these trying years we gonna both physically change
Now don’t you know you’ll always be the most beautiful woman I know
So let me reassure you darling that my feelings are truly unconditional, see

I'll love you when your hair turns grey girl
I still want you if you gained a little weight, yeah
The way I feel for you will always be the same
Just as long as your love don't change (no)
I was meant for you and you were meant for me, yeah
And I make sure that I'll be everything you need, Yeah
Girl the way we are is how it's gonna be
Just as long as your love don't change

Cause I’m not impressed more or less by them girls on the TV and magazines
Cause honestly I believe that your beauty is way more then skin deep
cause everything about you makes me feel I have the greatest gift in the world
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And even when you get on my last nerve
I couldn’t see myself being with another girl

I'll love you when your hair turns grey girl
I still want you if you gained a little weight, yeah
The way I feel for you will always be the same (just as long)
Just as long as your love don't change (just as long as your love yeah)
I was meant for you and you were meant for me, yeah (meant for me)
And I'll make sure that I'll be everything you need, yeah
Girl the way we are is how it's gonna be (just as long yeah)
Just as long as your love don't change (yeah)

So don’t waste your time worrying about
Small things that ain’t relevant to me
Cause to my understanding your all I want and need
See what I’m gonna say is I’m here to stay
And as long as your love doesn’t change for me
Baby darling I swear that i, I swear I ain’t going nowhere (no)

I'll love you when your hair turns grey girl
And I still want you if you gained a little weight, yeah
The way I feel for you will always be the same (just as long)
Just as long as your love don't change (just as long as your love stays the
same yeah)
I was meant for you and you were meant for me, yeah (meant for me)
And I make sure that I'll be everything you need, yeah
Girl the way we are is how it's gonna be
Just as long as your love don't change

(Choir and Musiq)
You are my baby (you’re my baby yeah yeah)
Don’t you change baby (don’t you change baby no)
I love you I do know (baby you gotta understand that I love you baby yeah yeah)
(Don’t you know, you gotta know you got to know) (Yeah oh oh yeah)

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Holy Caca! | Reviewer: Disney Land | 11/28/13

This is one of the stupidest, most unpoetic, and least inspired songs I have ever heard. "I will love you unconditionally as long as your love doesn't change"? Really? That's unconditional love? I'll love you as long as you love me? WTF?

And your telling me you will love me even if my hair turns gray, gain a little weight, get on your nerves is supposed to be romantic, reassuring, or something to be proud of?

Holy shit.

See, where I come from this is called a "marriage". In fact, I think that's what the minister says at the altar: "in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad". I don't remember the part that says you can annul the marriage because your partner doesn't know a good hairdresser or forgot to renew the gym membership.


Love Love Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/13

When i hear this song it puts me in deep *sigh*. This is a feeling that both men and women one day would love to feel. That tingling sensation that you get, or the knots your stomach turn just from the sight of them. To know a person can make you never and feel like your in grade school again is the best feeling in the world. This so depicts the perfect picture of how feelings should be displayed to anyone. To know that the love is unconditional and that will forever remain the same. Love is not boastful and its not loud and im a firm believer to that. Love is a deeper feeling that you should pronounce to the right person and not just anyone. Its a kind feeling of knowing that if you had only your last your significant other will be the one to receive it. So when you listen to this song appreciate the genuine lyrics and relate it to your relationship!

Life &love | Reviewer: Mpiloh | 2/11/13

First time I heard this song, I was with my boyfriend and we fell so deep in love with it. It's been the foundation for our love, 4 years strong,ups and downs but this song we remember to this day and I love it and my man sooo much

Finally a love to call my own | Reviewer: lovelymama46 | 11/29/12

One day at work the phone rings and not knowing it, it was my future husband. It's been 2 years now and we are so in love with each other. I never thought I would find such a good man like him. We were on the phone yesterday and he told me to read the words to this song and really nderstand that this is how he feels for me and that it would never change. When I heard this song months ago I knew I would find the words and send them to him but last night I wasn't shocked when he told me that this will be our wedding song. That's the same thing I thought when I heard it the first time.

True love gone | Reviewer: Shari | 5/21/12

My boyfriend Steven dedicated and sang this to me so many times. We were so in love but because of unfortunate circumstances I had to cut tied with him. He soon committed suicide and this song and his memory lives on. I love you Steven forever. Miss you so much. I'm so regretful of not being there for you at your time of need Rip my love

i felt better | Reviewer: vampyHoney--, | 3/7/12

i was touched when my boyfriend sang this song to me. . .

that was the very first time i heard the song, and the sincere emotion that he shows upon singing this song only makes it more special. . . .

somehow he left me an assurance of how much love he's giving me. . . . i really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

i which i could erase the past | Reviewer: | 2/8/12

I m breaking up with my girlfriend of three years,as i m listening to this song it makes me wanna give it another chance but i just cant she cheated several times and hurt me so bad.

Wish I could Turn Back Time | Reviewer: Mr. Turn Back Time | 6/15/11

Everytime I hear this song I always think of her. I always wanted to be with her but back then I did not know how to tell her, I played the friend role to long. She knows now how I feel but it's TO LATE. MY LOSS

heart stolen for a moment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/11

a friend asked me to listen to this song (we both are married and acknowledge that we can't be together). This song stole my heart for a moment...for one moment in time I was swepted off my feet. we agree to no longer communicate w/ each other so all i have is this song to hold on too...

Dont Change | Reviewer: Nombuso | 6/9/11

This song remind me of my boyfriend he's in prison for the past 7 yrs and still waiting for him, I love him unconditionally and he love me too, anytime when we listen to this song we always think of each other... I love him so much and I'll make sure i will play this song and i will love him till his hair turns grey as long as his love da u my king.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Rosie | 3/5/11

I rememberb my first reaction when my boyfriend decicated this song to me. It was so sweet, all i could imagine was us dancing to it at our wedding. :) we been through alot and in the end we have eachother. In relationships all that matters is if the love is there. This song is beautifal. And repersents a big part in my relationship. <3

My wedding song | Reviewer: Joilin | 1/11/11

I love this song and it totally speaks about the relationship that I have with my husband!! His love is unconditional and will never change.. He makes sure he tells me everyday that he loves me and everything about me... Even after 3 kids his love for me has not changed!! On June 28, 2003 we became husband and wife and danced to this song infront of our family and friends!! Everytime we are going through hard times we know we can listen to this song and it'll put thing back into perspective!!

Ahhh ! :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/10

I loveeeeee this song ! My boyfriend hasn't dedicated it to me (yet) but whenever I listen to it , it always reminds me of "us" . I love him with all my heart && couldn't ask for anything better . <3 This song is soooo cuteee ! You can tell that there's a lot of true love in it . :D

healing | Reviewer: lizell mhlobo brown | 12/24/10

i had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6months,i felt so alone it got to a point that to i didnt know strength.i was home alone one night and decided to call a friend over and he swept me of my feet and the rest is history.he said the rght words held me the i wanted to be held lol i swore i was in small heaven we drove to mcdonalds for supper and on our way there he played me the song and told me that he dedicatces it to me,since that day,a day never passes without me listening to it and it lifts me a normal couple we have our ups and downs but ive never been so happy in my entire life. 5months strong and we looking like a plan.this song made love again.

Wonderfully Sad | Reviewer: Jacqie | 5/22/10

Once upon a timie there was a man that I was so inlove with that I felt that it would be impossible to live without him. He was much younger than me but we listened to music all the time. Well, one day he heard this song playing and he remembered it until he had the words down pat.He knew that I questioned the age difference between us and said that he wouldn't ever change the way he felt about me So when I would feel a lil down or unsure of us he would put this song on a sing it along with the artist. He even sang it on our wedding day while going to our honeymoon suite. And believe it or not I finally realized he meant what he was singing to me.Well needless to say he cheated while we were in Japan and not only that he made a baby with that woman. He's not locked up in Japan in a Japanese Prison and now he wants to come back to me. I guess what they say about "Never miss your water till the well runs dry" is so true for him. Now we are getting a divorce and I've moved on with my life. How could he turn such a beautiful song into something so ugly and hurtful.....How? But it' all good cause I'm okay now and I still love the song and one day this will mean something to me again. So to all the men that tell their woman this or play this for them, PLEASE, PLEASE MEAN IT WHEN YOU DO AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHAT YOU COULD LOOSE IF YOU FORGET THE WORDS OR THE MEANING OF THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG

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