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everything that i've been doing
is all bad
i got a chick on the side with a crib and a ride
i've been telling you so many lies

aint no good its all bad
and i just wanna confess its been goin on so long
girl i been doin u so wrong
and i want you to know that

Everytime i was in L.A. i was with my ex-Girlfriend
Evertime you called i told you,
"Baby, I'm workin" (no!)
i was out doin my dirt (oh!)
wasn't thinkin bout you gettin hurt,
(i) was hand in hand in the beverely center like man
not givin a damn who sees me
so gone
so wrong
Actin like I didnt have you sittin at home

thinkin about me bein the good girl that you are
bet u probaly believe you got a good man
a man that would never do the things im about to tell you ive done
Brace yourself
it ain't good
but it would be the worst if u heard this
from somebody else


if i could turn back the hands of time
and start all over i would
instead of everything bein all bad,
baby, everything be all good
I don't wanna lose you
but i know what i'm tellin you
ain't gonna make you wanna stay
probaly just wanna run away
mad enough to punch me in my face
i've been livin like an idiot
and i deserve every bit of it..!
i is the day
that i end all the lying and playing and the bullshit girl
i'm sorry
baby, i'm sorry
but i can no longer walk around
with this stress on my chest
i confess

oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo

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love this song | Reviewer: carla | 4/12/10

W3ll i got to say this song is amazing but it is true gurl do hate b33n cheateed on [trust me] it really hurts nd yes some guy do tell u when they cheated on u but others dont they just leave u nd wait till u find out from other ppl but thats not the way its supposed to be we like to hear it from the guy noy from his best friend but ya its going to hurt us like no other but we just have todeal wit soo all am saying its that guys use ur head nd dont be dumb nd think bout what ur going to do before u do it nd realize how much ur going to hurt ur gurl thanx love ya..............PEACE AM OUT........LOVE U

B3 4 R3ALZ MAN | Reviewer: $3XXXXXXXXXY L@TIN@ | 4/12/10

surena por vida y que mi loca vida


confess | Reviewer: karla | 9/4/08

totally love his songs!!!! no one said its easy 2 admit so many only takes a real man 2 do it.although 2 all da guys dat r cheatin' out there...u guys gotta b a man and grl likes 2 b cheated on. specially if da grl is ur ex!!!!!!!!!

Mister Usher | Reviewer: docdiggydiggydoc | 3/25/08

Well, all i can say is... Usher is such a great entertainer, he can sing, he can also drop some flow from time to time, he moves like crazy!!! Even if im' a guy i would'nt mind to go on one of his shows... I mean, better than look at 50 cent moving like a chimp and signin' like a vaccum hehe!!!

Lies are wise decisions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

I think by the way usher proclaims of bein a man, by the way he came clean, he gets some kind of credit, for havin the guts about his mistakes. Their is no right way to tell your
GF about you cheatin, in anyway you look at it, but makin it public gives you a diffrenet prospective of bein a man. Plus is so easy to regret things after they done. Im sure they are men out ther that are relatin to this song as I type, but you gotta keep your head on high note, stay strong and most of all hold on...

wow | Reviewer: byrdgangsetlifeyadigg | 12/8/07

you no what this song is excaltly what happend to me i was cheating on mah gurlfriend and all her friends were warning her and she didnt want to beieve it cuz she loved me and then 1 day i was in tha shower and tha phone rang and guess who it was miss mysterious and thats when i got caught usher basically tells it like it is dont do stupid shyt cuz most likey you will get caught or have to confess.........

Boyz | Reviewer: BB | 10/7/07

i had a relationship like this over the summer except my boyfriend didn't get a girl pregant(at least i hope not)neways he went to cali,alabama,vitnaem,and L.A and he was cheating on me with a new girl every week. My friends tryed to warn me but i wouldnt listen...i though we wouldnt hurt me again but the he came back and was with my cousin at some show(they seen eatch other there and just started tlking)and i called her not knowing he was around her at the moment he picked up her phone and called me a hoe and i didnt do nothing but freakin wait on him and love him till he got home...we r not together now but i still love him.I hope he is happy with who ever he is with,b/c she has got the person i love!!yes it hurts like hell

Usher i love you | Reviewer: Stephanie | 6/12/07

yup usher knows what hes doin if he did do that to his girl and confessed then that is a real man lolz nah hes all im one of his fans id love to meet him i love his songs i love the way he sings its so cute the way he moves and the way he acts like it really hurts him so badly i were there hed have to tech how to do that well yea lolz nah i would like to meet hiim one of these days have him right next to me singing to me ja ill die in his arms i wouldn't be able to believe that im right next to him that is one of my wishes to meet him and have him right next to me singing yea thatll be the day im 2 poor to have that wish i dont got my own room imma be able to meet him i dont got gud grades and everything u think imma be able tto meet usher well yea since usher has been makin some moies i wish him a real gud luck i hope i get to see one of his movies atleast one just to see his sexy ass body or atleast hear his beautiful voice i love it lolz nah im not that upses with him i mean im not the biggest fan of his but to his voice i am lolz nah im not the biggest fan of any singers just to tell the tuth cuz really its not all about him his voice his body or any thing like that its all about wats inside of him his personality everuthing he is that hes brave hes tough and that he knows what hes doin that is wats all bout most important that hes the way he is he acts the way he is supposed to act thats wat

about confessions part 1 | Reviewer: sexy chick | 6/7/07

this is just a song people. He never really did thoes things. He made them up why would he make a song about it if he did do them, wouldnt that make it worse, making a song about there relationship. if my man did that to me i would never forgive him, if he made a song about it.

just tellibg y'all get it right!!!!!

usher confession | Reviewer: sexyjerk | 6/1/07

i love him and he's so to justin..God he's so damn sexy.....but i love them both its just that i love usher the most. His confession make me love him more...yup he's really man enough and very talented a true artist that he is using music as his medium to tell what he really feels....he risked everything..damn if im the girl.i would really feel flattered., beautiful and with long hairrrrrrr!

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