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Brotha Lynch Hung Biography

Last updated: 04/14/2013 11:20:02 AM

Black Market records presents "LOADED", Brotha Lynch Hungs' third album. Busy working on his own album Brotha Lynch also foound time to work on other artists releases such as Master P's "I'M BOUT IT" & "WEST COAST BAD BOYS VOLUME II' compilation, E-40's "SOUTH WEST RIDERS" complitation and MR. SERVE ON's "LIFE INSURANCE".
Previously Brotha Lynch Hung delivered his ripgut cannibalistic style to consumers via two classics. In 1993, Lynch's debut EP entitled "24 Deep" hit hard on the streets. People continu to buy it today. "Season of Da Siccness", the second taste from Brotha Lynch, dropped in 1995 despite the lack of exposure form the media , due to Lynch's controversial lyrics. This album is amazingly still being purchased and is steadilly approaching gold.

Controversy in nothing new to Brotha Lynch Hung. Lynch has been labeled anything from and atheist to the ringleader of horror core rap. In Octoober of 1996, Lynch appearead as a guest to The Leeza show. Where andother guest blamed Brotha Lynch's lyrics for being the influenc on his actions of committin murder.

What makes Brotha Lynch Hung so different from and other rapper/producer? 1000% confidence. Innovation. Talent. Progressive maturity. Insight. Lynch has the knack for addin the perfect combinations with producers and lyrical contributors. His voice/flow is melodic and his deliver is tight. Not onl does lynch produce his own tracks he produces for other artist as well.

Kevin Mann was born and raised in Sacramento, California mor precisely the Garden Block. A gang land neighborhoood on the city's South side. Although rap was not kevien's first love, hi did like the art of battling other rappers. Kevin was so good at executing his competitors he was giveen the name and titly, 'Brotha Lynch Humg' by fellow rapper Sicx. It took some time for Lynch's talent to blossom. Now its uncontrollable and he's addicted to writing.