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Angra Bleeding Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 10/11/2009 11:00:00 AM

[Music: Edu Falaschi / Lyrics: Rafael Bittencourt]

Now I know that the end comes
You knew since the beginning
Didn't want to believe it's true
You are alone again
My soul will be with you

Why's the clock even running
If my world isn't turning
Hear your voice in the doorway wind
You are alone again
I'm only waiting

You tear into pieces my heart
Before you leave with no repentance
I cried to you, my tears turn into blood
I'm ready to surrender
You say that I take it too hard
And all I ask is comprehension
Bring back to you a piece of my broken heart
I'm ready to surrender

I remember the moments
Life was short for the romance
Like a rose it will fade away
I'm leaving everything

No regrets, war is over
The return of a soldier
Put my hands on my bleeding heart
I'm leaving all behind
No longer waiting

I've waited for so long!

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AWSOME!!! | Reviewer: rony d | 10/10/09

i got heart broken..and well i listened to this song,it really made me cry,and well not sure what the lyrics are about..but i'll find out,this song made me feel better also ^_^and its just nice,i cant compare any other songs to it

Edu Rocks! | Reviewer: Christian Taboada | 6/20/09

Edu Rocks!!! Mattos has a higher vocal range but almost always sounds like a girl. Mattos is incredibly good but in wuthering heights for examples he sings like a girl because he wants to show he's above all in vocal range. Russel Allen, Edu Falaschi, Bruce Dickinson, Tobias Sammet are among the best vocals for me! I've heard thousands of bands like Sonata Artica, Dream Theater, Simphony X and Angra is the best of all!!

the best song | Reviewer: gusty | 5/30/09

this is the most beautiful song and lyric.
i´ve ever heard and i think andre matos is the best singer that angra had,. because Edu Falaschi sing as my dog,. edu please get fuck out,. andre, come back!!

Awesome but... | Reviewer: Alex | 10/19/08

Yeah, the song makes me cry almost everytime i hear it...but edu sings like shit live, andre matos is a lot lot loot faaar much better singer and performer...and he doesn't look like an alien and dances weird on stage... (=

PERFECT..!!! | Reviewer: Thais | 8/5/07

Michelle has the point...Edu Falaschi's voice is perfect...this song is one of the most beutiful I have ever listenned to...'s finished...let me listen to it again...!

Beautiful!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Michelle | 7/11/07

I just love this song, it's amazing the lyrics and the music... Oh God every time I hear it I feel like crying! Edu Falaschi's voice is perfect!!! PERFECT!