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No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

The hardest part
This troubled heart
Has ever yet been through now

Was heal the scars
That got their start
Inside someone like you now

For had I known
Or I'd been shown
Back when how long it'd take me

To break the charms
That brought me harm
And all but would erase me

I never won
Or thought I could
No matter what you'd pay me

Replay the part
You stole my heart
I should have known you're crazy

If all I knew
Was that with you
I'd want someone to save me

It'd be enough
But just my luck
I fell in love and maybe

All that I wanted was

Now I know you better
You know I know better
Now I know you better

So bittersweet
This tragedy
Won't ask for absolution

This melody
Inside of me
Still searches for solution

A twist of faith
A change of heart
Cures my infatuation

A broken heart
Provides the spark
For my determination

No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

All that I wanted was

Now I know you better
You know I know better
Now I know you better

I never wanted you to be so full of anger (anger)
I never wanted you to be somebody else
I never wanted you to be someone afraid to know themselves
I only wanted you to see things for yourself

All that I wanted was

Now I know you better
Now we all know better
All that I wanted was

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
(cont. thru verse)

If I were you
I'd manage to
Avoid the invitation

Of promised love
That can't keep up
With your adoration

Just use your head
And in the end
You'll find your inspiration

To choose your steps
And won't regret
This kind of aggravation

No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

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Amazing song | Reviewer: Becca | 12/20/11

Everything about this song is awesome,so what it's not slash instead it's buckethead who I think is ten times better.noone in this world can rip a guitar like buckethead. Look him up if you dont know who he is.Better is a song that should be on everyone's iPod!

Better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

This song is very reminiscent of old G N R. Very catchy beat, great lyrics, and good guitar. Axl is still got it and it would be graet to see some of the old bs put aside. November Rain is still my fav G N R song - I just like Axl's style of vocals man.

The whole case of Guns N┬┤Roses | Reviewer: Michael Amrath | 1/3/11

This Band was one of the best in this time ,place and everyaything.It is almost impossible to describe what GnR did to the world.There are no more words.Everything is said.Maybe one day when they all grown older there will be a reunion.Even with Steven Adler.In God we Trust

I'm sure the Album rocks. | Reviewer: Jay Therriault | 11/10/10

If Ax & Slash got back together man . . . that would be the re-union of a life time, when I first bought "Appetite for Destruction"( I was 14, 22yrs ago, whatever.) I never knew the music, I just thought the album cover kicked ass. Yeah the music kicked ass too . . . but it's the best damn metal album ever. At first I didn't wanna get into "Chinese Democracy" . . . Slash wasn't involved, I now have a change of opinion. I'm buying it tomorrow.

Best Song on the Album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

In my opinion, this is definitely the strongest song on Chinese Democracy. I understand that it's not the same GNR, but that's no reason to boycott Chinese Democracy. It's actually a very solid album.

The meaning behind "Better" | Reviewer: Green2oo1 | 6/27/10

Read the lyrics and listen close. This song is not about a woman its about a relationship. The relationship Axl is speaking of the old band. Slash, Duff, Steven, Izzy, Matt and Gilby... It makes perfect sense! Think about it!

You've got to understand... | Reviewer: Loki | 12/27/09

You've got to understand that people are gonna say whatever they wanna say. True that it's not really guns 'n roses anymore and it's more of Axl's gig, but I think that's a horrible reason to shun the album. I have Appetite and I have 'Democracy. I enjoy both. Axl's got a winner here in my opinion. Slash is doing his thing and so is Mr.Rose. "Better" is one of the best lyrical songs I've heard in a while.

Better = Genious | Reviewer: Shawn | 10/31/09

I Keep seeing that people dont like the song because slash wasnt in it, you recall last time slash doing a good solo or riff? ok Slash was a great guitarist and one of my favorites but that doesnt mean hes the best i love how he puts the soul in his music and the solo's but anyways this song is one of the best songs off Chinese Democracy, Look at the lyrics, there so deep and real easy to relate too just like the old GN'R im young, im 16 but i know everything about Guns N' Roses thats all i listen too well Slash had a good thing going till he quit and "Slash's Snakepit" failed and So Did "Velvet Revolver" well Look at that Guns n Roses still touring and making money while on the other hand slash is still gettin some benefits from back in the day with his shares on Apetite and Use your Illusions but still GN'R for life and cant wait for there next album in 2010 or 2011, And Axl Roses is 46 years old and still has the voice of what he had as a teen thats alot of talent and he has incredible vocal range, Best Frontman (86-09)

Great song | Reviewer: Lucas | 10/13/09

One of the best songs of the decade easily

Also I understand what people are saying about wanting the apetite/UYI lineup (mainly slash duff and izzy) and liking this song but you can't really have both. I mean, I can't see these songs being made with those lineups

Ummm | Reviewer: Tony | 9/3/09

Just so you know... that's not Brian Carroll (aka "Buckethead") playing on this... even though I have a version of it with him playing and when I first heard it, I still thought it was him... the album version is Ron Thal (aka "Bumblefoot")... Buckethead is only on a couple songs on the album.

Anonymous123 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

play this song on rock band earlier 2day and liked it the intro is cool this is the third song i only heard from GnR and i will have to say i like this bobert nuck maaaaaaaaaaaad niiiiiiicccckkkk

Better then the orignal | Reviewer: Bill | 7/17/09

The orignal GnR is great dont get me wrong. But for having a guitarist with a bucket on his head and a singer who is like 50 this album in general is amazing. As for the song it is my second favorite on the album. The guitar works so well with the melody of Axls singing.

GNR now and forever

THIS SONG PAWNS!!! | Reviewer: Kai | 7/7/09

LOL, I know G N'R 'cuz of my parents! Thanks to them, I got addicted to this one. I play it almost everytime I come home from school. I like the music, and (I think) a lot of people can connect to the lyrics. Plus, it's in the long awaited Chinese Democracy Album! XD Oh god that took long, but the wait was worth it! <3

Nice | Reviewer: Nymox | 5/5/09

Yeah great album, I was a teen in the gnr era, so of course I prefer the stuff from my youth. My other thing is I kinda dont think gnr really is gnr without slash but axel still has a great voice and seems to have pulled it together. Certain songs have, even if just for a second, that old gunners sound I love so much, the verses in this one ring so many bells, just wish slash was there to back him up.

Better than I thought... | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/1/09

At first I didn't really want to listen to the cd as I had heard some pretty negative things.

I know it's never going to even come close to the songs on Appetite but I like the sound and I don't feel as upset with how things turned out with Guns as I used to. I guess more power to Axl.

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