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The Who Baba O'Riley Lyrics

Last updated: 08/14/2014 06:16:59 PM

Out here in the fields
I FARM for my meals
I get my back into my living.

I don't need to fight
To prove I'm right
I don't need to be forgiven.

Don't cry
Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland

Sally, take my hand
We'll travel south cross land
Put out the fire
And don't look past my shoulder.

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get together
Before we get much older.

Teenage wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland.
Teenage wasteland
Oh, yeah
Its only teenage wasteland
They're all wasted!

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Out here in the fields...... | Reviewer: Doobie Wa | 8/13/14

First song on the old LP sets the tone for a generation.... Lovely to see this song as relevant today to so many new fans as it was when it first came out. And to think Pete came up with these intro sounds back in the dark days of analog synths and multitrack tape.

Wild man Moonie and the stoic Ox holding down the rhythm, Pete with the key overlays and slashing guitar chords and Roger wailing away - live they were best described as 'controlled chaos' leaving themselves and the audience exhausted after every show.... Peace

The Who | Reviewer: longtrot | 6/10/14

first saw them in 1974 at 18 years old Iwasted at least 6 earlier years not going to see them now I am 57 and have seen them some 50 times and I want more they are the best live band ever and like a true champion they do not want to give up their crown I look back and regret the concerts I did not go to they have kept an old bastard a little bit younger

Stll fresh after 42 years | Reviewer: MSki | 11/29/13

I first heard the album "Who's Next" back in 1971.My brother had the eight track in his car. The first song I heard from it was Baba Oriley.
To me it was like taking some mind-blowing drug that not only was
exciting to hear but also caused a flow of emotions the would literally make me weep with joy.After all these years this song still has that effect on me.

Baba O'Riley | Reviewer: richard | 7/31/13

this song has taken me through the hardest times of my life & always helped me come to terms with the shit life brings. my parents were church goers so i never heard the who until i was 13ish. but from there on ive been hocked on them! THEY ARE THE BEST ROCK BAND THAT EVER LIVED!! ID LIKE TO THANK PETE, ROGER, KEITH & JOHN FOR BEING THE WHO!! THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE WITH YOUR SONGS AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME EVERY TIME I NEEDED YOU. YOU HAVE ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS ON THE HARDSHIP OF LIFE!! IM ONLY ME BECAUSE YOUR IN MY LIFE!!

music worth living for | Reviewer: aiden | 4/20/13

This song makes me change my onlook on life for the time i hear it atleast...i first heard this song on CSI:NY and it made me feel that some thing is still out there which is worth living for and its called music...

LIVE | Reviewer: jay | 3/3/13

I saw the THE WHO in 79'at the Pontiac Silver Dome eleven days after the Cincy, fiasco
It is one thing to turn the lights out put on Who's next and cranking it up,and seeing them performed live.I have seen the Stones,Pink Flyod,Zep.and alot of other great one's but that concert was one of the GREATEST EVER!!!! Love THE WHO

Thoughts on the song | Reviewer: Christie | 10/29/12

My parents have been huge rock fans since their teens. It is their musical influence that has encouraged me to listen to rock music for practically my whole life. Although I had been familiar with The Who previously, I had never taken the opportunity to really listen to their music. I have just recently had that chance and now that I have listened to their exceptional music, I have ultimately fallen in love with The Who and all of its members. Baba O'Riley is one of my all-time favourite songs and I have learnt to play it on the piano. I think it amazing that, as a 15-year-old, I have been able to turn away from the second-rate, so-called musicians of today who sing of nothing but partying and getting drunk and really listen to music made by such inspirational and truly talented people. The Who will always be my favourite band.

Say everyting you like | Reviewer: Ydeamusic | 7/27/12

Barba O'Riley, what can I say about the song...
Masterpiece of their time, or....

I notice that this tittle comes back in many series and movies.

So what needs to be said? It's quality that musicians can't or won't make anymore.

With the technical knowhow of that time to make such sounds is incredible. Nowadays groups only use computers when they needed a specail sound.

The voice of a Roger Daltry that sings it from his gut and the guitar riffs of Pete Townsend it so complete, even the briges in the song are realy good.

Wish that such kind of music is going to be produced again, but the youth of today mostly don't understand it, because I think about another tittle that is true (Video Killed The Radio Star).

Hear this on a 7.1 installation and out loud in a room with a good acoustic and close your eyes and let the music and lyrics come to you.

Have fun hearing this song over and over again.

Not piano at beginning | Reviewer: Brett | 3/5/12

Daniel; that piano at the beginning is not piano. It is synthesizer before the era of the synthesizer. More oscilloscopes than a easy-to-use device made by Sony or who-ever.

Never the less, I'm glad you found this band and this song. I had a similar journey at your age as well through all the legends from the 60's and 70's.

Anazing song | Reviewer: Daniel | 2/21/12

Since this song says "teenage wasteland" in it, I thought it would be fitting for a teenager (me) to write a review about it. It think that is an all around good song, but I especially like the keyboard part in the beginning. In some parts of that, it seems like the pianist must've had three hands to make the music that he did. I would definitely put it on my list of top 10 best songs ever.

the who is totally awesome | Reviewer: bobby rocker | 9/5/11

i just look my father cassetes collection in my old house in indonesia, yeah i found the who's, who's next album, on 1st track baba o'riley song, it reminds me when i was child my pa always played this song to me, till now this song is still awesome.. So a i said if the who is totally awesome rock band ever!! Hell yeah..

Love this song | Reviewer: Adam | 2/15/11

This is hands down my favorite Who song. To me it puts into song how juveniles deal with "coming of age", for example the lyrics, "I don't need to fight to proove I'm right". I think back to my teenage years whenever I hear this song. I also agree with Cass, that particular chord you're referring to gives me goosebumps.

Who So Great Live | Reviewer: Greg | 12/10/10

I just wanted to add that The Who came to my town in the late 70's and it was a very, very major deal, as a band of such stature very rarely played there at the time. The government was afraid of riots, so they only raffled the tickets by mail, seriously. My friend won, and I got to go. They kicked off with Baba O'Riley, then Summertime Blues, then Who are You. Oh my God they were great, it was like seeing the Beatles. I never saw a band so strong and confident the could put their best stuff up front like that, and not have to save it for an encore. Thanks for your time, God bless you.

true music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

THE WHO is one of the greatest rock bands ever the music of today:rap screamo and little kids like justin beiber need to shut up and look at true music!! ac/dc matalica def leppered led zeplin and who can forget THE WHO with some of the greatest rock music ever writen??????

A-frickin-mazing! | Reviewer: Taralynn | 10/22/10

I've always loved this song. It's a fact of life, those who hate this song have no soul. So, when I was watching House earlier and he started playing this song, I jumped up and was like "HECK YEAH!" I of course tried to play it like Hugh Laurie, failed in an epic fashion, and started singing it at the top of my lungs, even after the episode was over.

Long story short, Baba O'Riley, one of the number one songs of EVER. :D