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Don't tell me that this is your last chance to change
'cause if you do, then you would be telling a lie but

I warned you
what could happen if you should decide
to live your life from the 9 to 5
and I mourn you
for the detail that is left unsaid
is a reminder of the time you bled

Return to days when you knew you still felt alive
Reveal the way you felt when you could look inside

They've sold you
everything you need to fix you up
and you feel good now but you can't wake up
they found a way to reassure you
that everything would be okay
reach out today now I emplore you
to remember who you are

Return to days when you knew you still felt alive
Reveal the way you felt when you could look inside

So you felt it, but you don't know,
why you can't explain at all
why you felt it, 'cause you don't know,
no you don't know

Break the walls between building atrophy
causing all your problems to recede
break the walls between (break the walls between)
causing all your pain (causing all your pain)
you'll never learn

Return to days when you knew you still felt alive
Reveal the way you felt when you could look inside

(Break the walls between building atrophy)
Take back
The beat in your heart
Why fight
When you can't be bought?

(Causing all your problems to recede)
Take back
The beat in your heart
Why fight
When you can't be bought?

(Break the walls between)
Take back
The beat in your heart
Why fight
When you can't be bought?

(Causing all your pain)
Take back
The beat in your heart
Why fight
When you can't be bought?

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incomparable album | Reviewer: sarita | 2/16/12

I love this song and this album!! It's a masterpiece! Nothing can beat it. And i love RJA, of course, to bits!!!!! Ronnie is such an awesome songwriter! I adore Ronnie and Joey, as well as the new members. I really miss the old ones though: Jon, Duke, Matt especially Elias... Well, that's life... *sigh* But Ronnie and Joey are still there, that's what matters. <3

Extreme talent | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/2/10

This song has everything from simple/awsome electric and bass guitar riffs to challenging fast drum parts. But what really stands out in this song the most is the intense lyrics and amazing voice. A great (if not perfect) song by RJA, just like all of their other songs.

hu-(friggin)-za | Reviewer: Atrophy48 | 9/26/08

I have every single song by RJA, and I have 2 say that grim goodbye is the BEST song ever. You should also listen 2 alkiline trio, rise against, and senses fail. I also have to agree wit dat jd guy.

Friggen' Sweet | Reviewer: Korba Hobbes | 9/24/08

Now this song is just plain one of RJA's best songs. It starts off with a great, fast-paced half-screamo line, then slides into a still fast-paced but easier part and just rolls with it. It's got great lyrics, an awesome beat, a good theme to it, and of course, absolutely wonderful singing... real talent in this song, that's for sure. 5 stars.

beautiful! | Reviewer: Reid | 11/23/07

i love this song so much. its so nice. and i like the drums parts, they're really fast. i'm learning how to play drums, and i dont think i can do that. :)) i like the last part most of all. the one with two voices. its really cool

suh-weet. | Reviewer: amyy | 8/8/07

i love this song the beat's amazing
ronnie winter has a great voice
the drummer is UBER fast.
i play drums =P
it was written so well and i cant believe its even possible to write such MEANINGFUL lyrics.

i LOVE it.

i love the red jumpsuit apparatus | Reviewer: caitlin | 8/6/07

The Red jumpsuit apparatus is my favorite band!!!
i can listen to them all day and wont get tired of their music i just saw them on august 4th at a warped tour in longisland and they were amazing!!! i voted for the to get 10 extramins but oh well at least i gotto see the

Red Jumpsuit | Reviewer: Dallas | 7/23/07

Don't you fake it is one of the most amazing cd's that I have ever owned. I could leave this cd in my car for a year and it would never get old. They are the best group out right now...Hands down.

:] | Reviewer: Nataliaaa. | 7/4/07

awesome song.
completely relatable,
tells a story of someone whos life has simply become nothing but a routine & wants to break outt..

Face Down has awesome lyriics as well, but I do agree Atrophy beats it.


excellent | Reviewer: jd | 6/22/07

definately the best song they have out right now

easily better than face down....face down is the song every1 likes because they just listen to that song and think they know red jumpsuit

about the song atrophy performed by the red jumpsuit apparatus | Reviewer: kelsey | 6/19/07

I love RGA it's like my favrite band!I love all their songs people say this is the best song they have written.I think that their best song is cat and mouse.I also love Your Gaurdian Angel!YOU guys rock!!!(oh and ronnie winter is so hot)!

A+ | Reviewer: Jen_Babe | 6/18/07

I love this song because i can really relate! all of the songs by t.R.J.A are really realistic---i just love them!!!

Great song | Reviewer: BobbyG | 6/4/07

This song is great!!

However, as for those who say it's the best, I have to argue that Face Down is a tad better :)

MY FAVE EMO SONG | Reviewer: Kyu Kitsune | 6/1/07

Hellp all people that are looking at these lyrics for the atrophy song from the red jumpsuit
I love this Band....and I wish they still made songs... T_T T_T or do they still make songs?...
Anyways the singer Something Winter IS SOOOO HOT!
and I Love all their song But Mostly Atrophy.
Add me on msn if you want to talk to me.
signing off-Emo-Kid

OMG! Amazing! | Reviewer: Amber Bamber | 5/13/07

RJA is my favorite band1 And this blows me away! Best one yet!

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