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Pink Floyd Arnold Layne Lyrics

Last updated: 11/06/2013 07:03:56 AM

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes
Moonshine washing line
They suit him fine

On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through baby blue
He dug it
Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
Two to know, two to know, two to know
Why can't you see?

Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne

Now he's caught - a nasty sort of person.
They gave him time
Doors bang - chain gang - he hates it

Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
two to know, two to know, two to know,
Why can't you see?

Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne
Don't do it again.

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Pink Rocks It! | Reviewer: Ilana Bakke | 11/6/13

I wasn't even aware of the song until I caught the David Gilmore/Richard Right concert at Albert Hall on AXS television. That being said Pink Floyd (including everyone ever in the band) is one of my absolute favorites of all time! When I saw this concert David Bowie and David Gilmour sang it. Pretty awesome! It's from 2007. They will always be one of the best bands ever! God Bless Syd Barrett.

OK, here's the real story according to the Floyd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/13

Arnold Layne was a creep who used to lick, yes, LICK Rogers' mother's knickers while they were on the clothes line. Yea...Arnold Layne had a strange hobby.
As to the Acid thing...anyone who thinks that the acid you get now can compare to the acid Syd could get then doesn't have a clue. (Note: I've heard this from interviews with George Harrison and several others.)

Too much of a good thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/12

Reviewer Joisy said not LSD? But, Arnold Layne himself eventually underwent a brain-scan and it was not a pretty sight. The Cerebral Cortex was lined with miniscule burned out areas that would have effected thoughts and emotions. IE: he took too much, too fast...this is your brain on drugs.

reply to "drugs affected barrett?" | Reviewer: durka | 11/19/09

dude you dont understand, it wasnt just one dose that got him it wasnt was the insane amount that he took, he reportedly dosed everysingle day. the amount that he took basiclly ate his brain. Gilmour was an old friend of Barretts, and when Barrett asked him to join in the Floyd, Gilmour accepted, but was dumbstruck at how much he had seen barrett change.

bless you syd and polly rick roger david to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

i honestly love pinkfloyds legacy likea humasn and dont mess with syd his ailments wer personal and the stupid media is drivin every one crazy anyway think of syd as a human not a news story you morons(media)

drugs affected barret? | Reviewer: joisy | 11/28/08

i dont think drugs have influenced on barrets mental illness cause ive been on lsd very often and im still sane dude so fuck that shit, may be he should have take only what he need from it but i still dont think that was why syd barret break down
and that drugs helped him to compose those beatuifull lyrics and music man soo shroom it baby and play it!

Absolutly love this song and anything by Syd | Reviewer: Richard Ellicott | 9/28/08

I just had to write a response to the "it was all because of the drugs" comment.

Gilmour disagrees with you:

In my opinion, [his breakdown] would have happened anyway. It was a deep- rooted thing. But I'll say the psychedelic experience might well have acted as a catalyst. Still, I just don't think he could deal with the vision of success and all the things that went with it.

Syd is one of my all time greatest heroes, it is wrong to think his downfall was just because of a typical self inflicted rock and roll binge. Rest in Peace Syd.

Love it | Reviewer: Pink Floyd fan | 5/27/08

i love Syd's work. i think Pink Floyd would've gone very very far if he wasn't so hopped up on LSD and 'shrooms. seriously. he was so talented, but it all went downhill b/c of drugs. we miss you, Mr. Syd Barrett.

Kickass | Reviewer: Tripper | 8/2/07

The song's one of the best psychadellic songs i've ever heard.. Syd's a genius !!! Hats off..

Great song | Reviewer: Alan | 6/28/07

Arnold Layne was a great song, and it is no surprise it hit the top 20 when it was released.

I would like to note, however, that there were more singles than this, "See Emily Play," and "Another Brick in the Wall Part II."

There was "Apples and Oranges" by Syd Barrett, which they tried to push as a single, but failed to crack the charts. After that, was Rick Wright's "It Would Be So Nice," which even the band thought was horrible. Their last attempt at the singles market, before deciding to forget singles and be albums only, was "Point Me At The Sky" by Roger Waters.

Also, while they did not release another single in the UK until "Another Brick in the Wall Part II," they did release "Money" as a single in the USA.

There are a few others too, which I don't think were officially released as singles, but got radio play anyways, such as "Time" from Dark Side, "Wish You Were Here," from the album of the same name, along with two others from that album, "Have a Cigar" and "Welcome to the Machine."

And from The Wall, you often hear "Comfortably Numb" on the radio, as well as "Mother," "Hey You," "Run Like Hell," and even "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives" which often gets played together with "Another Brick in the Wall Part II."

Certainly not a singles-driven band, but they did have their share of them.

Abouts | Reviewer: Sneewillows | 6/14/07

This song is about a cross dresser in London. Syd, we barely knew ye.

Genius | Reviewer: Ginger | 3/6/07

Syd Barrett was truely ahead of his time...a geinus

[pink floyd] A sign of things to come | Reviewer: richard | 4/18/05

This song recorded/released in the sixties was truly a sign of the brilliance to come from Pink Floyd. Their first single release of which there were very few. They rarely released singles, this along with See Emily Play and Another Brick in the Wall was about it.Needless to say all their albums were and still are rated amongst the best ever recorded.