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The Good Life Album of the Year Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2009 11:00:00 AM

The first time that I met her I was throwing up in the ladies room stall. She asked me if I needed anything; I said, “I think I spilled my drink”. And that’s how it started (or so I’d like to believe)…

She took me to her mother’s house outside of town where the stars hang down. She said she’d never seen someone so lost, I said I’d never felt so found – and then I kissed her on the cheek… and so she kissed me on the mouth.

Spring was poppin’ daises up ‘round rusted trucks and busted lawn chairs. We moved into a studio in Council Bluffs to save a couple bucks. Where the mice came out at night, neighbors were screaming all the time. We’d make love in the afternoons to Chelsea Girls and Bachelor No. 2, I’d play for her some songs I wrote, she’d joke and say I’m shooting through the roof, I’d say, “They’re all for you, dear, I’ll write the album of the year.”

And I know she loved me then, I swear to God she did. It's way she’d bite my lower lip and push her hips against my hips and dig her nails so deep into my skin.

The first time that I met her I was convinced I had finally found the one. She was convinced I was under the influence of all those drunken romantics – I was reading Fante at the the time – I had bukowski on the mind. She got a job at Jacob’s serving cocktails to the local drunks. Against her will. I fit the the bill: I perched down at the end of the bar, She Said, “Space is not just a place for stars – I gave you an inch, you want a house with a yard.” And I know she loved me once, but those days are gone. She used to call me everyday from a pay phone on her break for lunch – just to say she can’t wait to come home.

The last time that I saw her she was picking through which records were hers. Her clothes were packed in boxes, with some pots and pans and books and a toaster. Just then a mouse scurried across the floor….we started laughing ‘til it didn’t hurt.

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LOVE THIS SONG!! | Reviewer: Cheryl | 8/20/09

I pretty much cried during this entire song the first time I heard it, then broke into hysterical laughter at the last line. Something about this band. They just know how to strike the chord for me. :D

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

This is one of my favorite songs of all-time. This whole album is jsut amazing. I would suggest to anyone who hasn't already to go out and buy their cd.

oh yes... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/07

i first heard this in the car, with what is now my ex-boyfriend, and i remarked how listening to the good life just dredges up all my past relationshipss, to which he said, yeah that's why i like it too...

okay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

this song is amazing. tim kasher is amazing. commander venus was amazing. cursive is amazing. this is nothing new.

really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

You do all realize that he is being completely sarcastic when he says every single word in the song right?

Ingenious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/07

Tim Kasher is a genious. He cleverly changes a famous phrase by changing it slighly to perfectly fit in his story/song.For Example "Laugh until it didn't hurt" instead of "Laugh until it hurts" which means that they laugh until it didn't hurt to think about it. Stuff like that is genious and I could start a Tim Kasher Major for collages.

So amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/06

The first time I heard this song I absolutely fell in love with it. This guy is so sincere in his singing; I love that you can truly follow the song with him while the emotions change. You can't help but have bittersweet memories of past relationships and cherish what you have now. This is by far one of the best songs I've ever heard. It inspired me to check out other bands on the label and Cursive and Dredg are awesome too!

Intensely Mellow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/05

Yeah, this song is great. The entire album is great. It's one story throughout like older artists once did. I saw these guys in Austin and they sounded amazing live as well! I love "just a guitar and a voice" type of music, and the story line is adaptable to just about anyone who has been through any type of relationship.

Year of the album | Reviewer: ohe800 | 3/29/05

This is dope song. One can relate in many ways to this varies from person to person. "And I know she loved me once, I swear to god she, its the she bite my lower lip and press her hips against my hips.." I can relate..I think. For the most part, just a GREAT song.

Review for "Album of the Year": | Reviewer: andy kane | 2/25/05

I like this song, cause Cole played it at camp. it sounded like "cows with guns," but I really liked the line about 'rusted trunks and busted lawn chairs,' so, it was good. I'm going to buy the record on saturday at amoeba in the city, I'm very excited. did anyone actually read this? I doubt it. email me?