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Zyklon Biography

Last updated: 12/27/2002 02:29:58 AM

Zyklon was brought to life by Emperor's founding member Zamoth with the intention of creating a whole new band, expressing a more aggressive attitude. Trym (also member of Emperor) was soon asked to join, and the two have actually been working sporadically on rehearsing ideas and writing material since mid-1998. The basic line-up of the band was completed only in the beginning of the year 2000, when Destructhor (also member of Myrkskog) joined forces with Zamoth and Trym. With this line-up the band went through hard rehearsals and completed enough material for a full length album.

In July 2000 the band went into Akkerhaugen Lydstudio, with producer Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen, to begin the recording sessions of their debut album. The recordings also feature Daemon (from Limbonic Art) on vocals, although his commitment and role in the future plans of the band remains to be decided.

Zyklon can best be described as Extreme Metal - A hybrid of extreme forms of music. Zyklon's lyrical themes are, not urprisingly, very anti-religious and apocalyptic. As a matter of fact, all the lyrics on the album were written by long time comrade Bård Faust Eithun.

While negotiating a deal with Candlelight Records, Zyklon also recorded a Morbid Angel track for an upcoming tribute album (to be released on Hellspawn/Necropolis).

The band completed recording and mixing session in September 2000. The recording sessions for the debut full length album also featured special guests appearances by Trickster G (Ulver) and US fetish queen Persephone.

Zyklon's debut album "World Ov Worms" has just been released through Candlelight Records.

Plans for the near future include a good number of shows in Norway and European tour with Morbid Angel during year 2001.