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ZWAN was formed in 2001 by Billy Corgan (vocals/guitar),
Matt Sweeney (guitar), David Pajo (guitar/bass), and Jimmy
Chamberlin (drums). Paz Lenchantin (bass) was added to the
line-up in April 2002.

Billy Corgan founded his previous band, The Smashing
Pumpkins, in his hometown of Chicago in 1988. The band
featured Corgan on guitar, James Iha on guitar, D'Arcy
Wretzsky on bass, and Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. The
Pumpkins had their greatest commercial success in the mid
nineties with the multi-platinum double album Mellon Collie
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Review about Zwan songs
Correction of the song | Reviewer: Felipe
    ------ About the song Lyric performed by Zwan

Hi! I think that the second line in the fourth paragraph, instead of "be, warm invite", should be say "dream, warm invite".

The song, also, is so awesome! I wish that bands like these, Samshing Pumpkins and so many others of the 90ties come back for ever!

Love lost | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Zwan

After dinner and a movie. It was about midnight. The love of my life and I were in a parking lot at a home depot. We made it our song. First time either one of us had heard it. she aint with me anymore. It makes much more sense now.

Yes | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Zwan

This girl has come in and out of my life a few times, and I've come close to having her again, but a recent move has pulled her away from me. This song really makes me think of the fun we've had together. I've been around the the world, but everything I was looking for has been in front of my face the entire time. I had her, and then I didn't, I had her again, and my distance keeps me from not having her.

'cause there's no place that I could be without you
it's too far to discard the life I once knew

argh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Zwan

nice those 2 reviews. im listening to it @ work trying to precent tears coming from my eyes. im in the process of deceiding to break up or not with my gf and go for a possible dreamgirl.
Im going insane! This song brings back up all the love with my current gf. it is/was such a good time. realy dont know what to do. SIGH!

The saddest song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Zwan

This song started playing while me and my ex boyfriend were driving to Michigan. He asked if I liked it and I said of course! It should be our song! He stopped the car and broke up with me! He left me in Michigan with money to take the train back home. :(

our song | Reviewer: karlie
    ------ About the song Honestly performed by Zwan

my boyfriend was playing this when he was taking me home from my birthday dinner, and he was driving and this song came on his ipod and he asks me if i like it and i told him yes he's like good because it's our song. it was really cute. a year later things are still great we argue sometimes but who doesn't there is NO place i would be without him. he's my everything.

Gotta Love IT | Reviewer: Masikaa
    ------ About the song Yeah! performed by Zwan

Thought I'd hate it but this song has grown on me. Has a feel-good-I'm- gonna-rub-your-face-in-it flavor.

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