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Zuba Biography

Last updated: 10/08/2000 09:06:39 PM

ZUBA zoo ba (adv) ; forget your worries, have a good time.

Glasgow based multi-national ZUBA fuses African pop folk, reggae with a Celtic twist and excites audiences with their joy and passion for worldwide music.

An upbeat but soulful mix of African dance, reggae, funk, acoustic pop and
Celtic influences Metro Scotland. Nov 2000

Their debut album CHAMELEON released by Iona Gold Records (IGCD210) on Feb 19 2001 has brought the band out on the road again with gigs booked over the UK and into Europe. Appearances on radio around the country will mean it won't be long before a larger audience hears the positive force of Zuba.

Formed in 1999 by Liberian Jerry Boweh for a charity event in aid of Liberia the band quickly saw the massive potential. The band went on to pool the music of their differing cultures to create songs that went beyond the boundaries of language to a heart of love for diverse musical cultures. Playing over 50 gigs in their first 2 years.

Zuba`s international mix… defiantly upbeat
The Scotsman . Feb 2001

Zuba`s live passion has been rewarded with gigs alongside a variety of
acclaimed artists including Papa Wemba , Kid Creole, The Levellers, Martyn
Bennett, JTQ, Michael McGoldrick, Ifang Bondi, Bert Jansch, Bernard Kabanda, Salsa Celtica, Berroguetto.

Radio appearances have included live performances on Radio Scotland, album play on Radio 2, Clyde 1, QFM also radio in France and North America. Television appearances include STV, Grampian and S2 television.

Intent on bringing their music further into Europe with the CHAMELEON album, Zuba are developing their sound and fine tuning their performance. The next few months Zuba will be playing the summer festivals and will be in the studio by the end of the year.

an exile's longing for home, a riposte against injustice and the simple urge to dance those troubles away…underlie the cosmopolitan sound of Zuba
The Guardian Jan 2001

Tel: 0141 334 0793

Thanks to andy wood for submitting the biography.