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  • Suspended Album
    Feel Love
    Distorted Views
    What You Get
    Life Can't Grow
    I Want to Fly
    I Will Wait
    One Sun
    Wait for Dawn
    Crucify Me

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    one of my favorite albums has been stolen | Reviewer: megan crose
        ------ About the album Suspended performed by Zoppi

    this is a fantastic album and band that nobody knows about but they always ask who it is when I play it. All the songs are great which is hard to find on any record and the order they are in makes it interesting and keeps it flowing. my biggest problem is getting another copy. My first copy was stuck in a car I sold and I told the buyer to be sure and return it as soon as they could but they didn't. I guess they liked it so much they kept it for themselves. Just the other morning my second copy was stolen along with all my Rolling Stones and Counting Crows and I am just sick because I can't get another copy and it's one of my favorite all time albums. What happened why did they stop making albums? these guys are good the music rocks and it's got great songs all the way through. Lets hope they are still out there and we get a chance to hear more of their work. I love this one and please tell me where I can buy it for the third time or the guy that broke into my car reads this and returns it.

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