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Zoppi Biography

Last updated: 11/05/2002 10:14:59 PM

The Sacramento native band, Zoppi, has created an extraordinarily confident modern rock debut. With a fast rising hit single on the area's most popular music stations (100.5fm The Zone -{CBS}), Zoppi's music rocks with talent and passion. Bob Zoppi's stellar vocal style and alluring lyrics, along with the band's melodic instrumentation and dynamic arrangements all point to big things for the group. But, what sets Zoppi far above the crowd is one indispensable virtue: great song writing. Fronted by singer/songwriter Bob Zoppi, along with guitarist Dennis Becker, drummer Guy Kowarsh, and bassist GregYoung, Zoppi is the kind of band for which everything unfolds naturally. "If the songs are good, people will eventually hear them," says Bob Zoppi .

Their MCA Records C.D. "Suspended" was produced by Matthew Wilder (Musical producer for 'No Doubt" and Disney's 'Mulan'). They reached the top of the charts on 100.5 fm THE ZONE with their single "One Sun" where it held in the top 10 for 14 weeks and in the top 20 for months after. That field-of-dreams mentality paid off, making Zoppi one of the region's hottest bands.