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Unearth Zombie Autopilot Lyrics

Last updated: 05/26/2008 11:00:00 AM

it was last night on the midnight train back home.
I ran into this one yet unfamiliar tone.
I knew i should have known.
it was last night.
i knew i should have known.
Our busy minds asleep.
We drudge across the land
Is this the coming end of our monarchy
we meet increased demands.
is this the life we all had in our dreams.
our eternal nightmare
all of us are blind to others.
hide behind our plans to nothing.
cage us.
we weep in self defeat.
all humanity is lost in this eternal nightmare.
all days are lost to conditioned zones.
all days are lost to what we know
free us.
a piece of mind.
gone are dreamers who strive to know.
all of us are blind

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Great lyrics | Reviewer: Softy | 5/25/2008

Unearth kick some serious arse (got put onto them by a friend). The lyrics are well done, very few bands manage anecdotal lines in a song with such a bleak 'but true' lyrical content without sounding cheesy. Kudos.

Dis song is hard!! | Reviewer: Michael McCain | 4/27/2007

Yo I love the different beats this song has in it. This type of song bring u to life and makes u want to really rock on. Ah bo I give a big shoutout to unearth and they need to make more songs likes this one and maybe I'll listen to them more but as for this song no complains, whenever I feel like rockin on I'll turn to this song for my hype.