Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer Albums

  • The Popsicle EP Album (11/16/2004)
    Argh... I'm A Pirate
    This Was All A Bad Idea
    Oh William

  • Jalopy Go Far Album (5/6/2003)
    Mean Old Coot
    Super OK
    The Hot Situation
    Wonderful Awkward
    How Bout It
    I Owe You
    Don't Mope
    Scream And Run
    Running Starts Will Only Get You Faster To The Place That Will Make You Say Ouch

  • Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer Album (2/19/2002)
    Plays Pretty For Baby
    Ode To Madonna
    Words For Now
    Mean Old Coot
    Mr. Song
    Riding Trains In November
    There's That One Person You'll Never Get Over No Matter How Long It's Been

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