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about mosquito trap | Reviewer: jame
    ------ About the song Mosquito Coil performed by Zeromancer

Dear sir
We would like to introduce very new type of mosquito trap which is applied new technologies with non-toxic and highly effective performance.
-decoying mosquitoes by 3 enticements, co2(which is generated from photocatalysis with tio2), near ultraviolet rays and heat by fluorescent lamps (mosquitoes like these)
-once the mosquitoes comes to this machine,a strong ventilator captures them into a steel net through the inhaling fan.
-captured mosquitoes can't escape from the net,where they dehydrate and die
-no need to change or refill Co2,because tio2 can produce co2 semi-permanently.
-application,outdoor and indoor
-small amount of AC power(28w)-size 250mmx300mm
-Quiet,no zapping
best regard
Mr liu

sweeeeeeet | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Doctor Online performed by Zeromancer

zeromancer rox my f*cking sox!!!! It's an awesome song too. I love scaring people with it. Listen well my friends

You don't need to know the lyrics to enjoy this song | Reviewer: The Medallion of Kadavil
    ------ About the song Plasmatic performed by Zeromancer

A newly ordained fan of Zeromancer, I find "Plasmatic" as one of their best songs. The harmony that hits the listener during the chorus is just powerful, absolutely powerful. There is truly no need for variety in this song. The chorus stays the same each time, but the crescendo to climactic chords for the chorus is gradual, teasing, and satisfying. It's an ultimate song for a movie soundtrack. It emits a strong message with a darkness that puts the listener in a hybrid mood of seriousness and hope. Awesome song.

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