Zeromancer Albums

  • ZZYZX Album (9/1/2003)
    Teenage Recoil
    Famous Last Words
    Erotic Saints
    Idiot Music
    Stop The Noise
    Feed You With A Kiss
    Lamp Halo
    Mosquito Coil
    Blood Music

  • Eurotrash Album (8/13/2002)
    Doctor Online
    Need You Like A Drug
    Chrome Bitch
    Neo Geisha
    Send Me An Angel
    Raising Hell

  • Clone Your Lover Album (12/1/2000)
    Clone Your Lover
    Flirt With Me
    Something For The Pain
    Split Seconds
    Fade To Black
    God Bless The Models
    Die Of A Broken Heart
    Houses Of Card

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    Buy this album! | Reviewer: Argonnas
        ------ About the album ZZYZX performed by Zeromancer

    I know, I know... ZZYZX is far different from the other two Zeromancer albums. But what a refreshing difference it is! Not that the other albums were bad, far from that, just remember Doctor Online to shut those smartmouths up who may pretend the contrary!

    The album is fresh, sometimes hard (Blood Music), sometimes smoother (Erotic Saints) and has a great deal of variations in the tunes, which might well please pretty much everyone. Most of the songs are more pop-like though, there are no real near-experimental stuff as in the other two albums, but still it is worth listening. Quite a good album that merits your attention, be you a longtime fan or a newcomer.

    Best songs IMO: Teenage Recoil, Lamp Halo, Blood Music.

    Give it a try! :-)

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