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Zero Down Biography

Last updated: 12/27/2002 01:59:33 AM

Zero Down is:
Jim Cherry - bass, vocals (Right)
John McCree - guitar (center)
Milo Todesco - drums, backup vocals (Left)

Zero Down is a three-piece punk outfit hailing from the greater Los Angeles area. Formed in 2000, the members of Zero Down possess a sterling punk rock resume, having spent time in bands like Strung Out, Down By Law, and War Called Peace. Their debut full length, With A Lifetime To Pay, makes Zero Down the newest addition to Fat Wreck Chords' robust roster.

At first glance, Zero Down might appear as a typical So-Cal "skate-punk" trio. However, after listening to the record, it becomes clear that their personal politics run deep and their agenda as a band is equally profound. As bassist and singer Jim puts it, "I formed Zero Down because I've always written music and because I've always been a fan of music. So many people write songs for so many wrong reasons. My favorite songwriters are fans of music, and I'm still a fan."

Unlike most of the straight ahead punk acts of today, Zero Down mixes it up by taking advantage of slower and more complex drum patterns. Jim describes Zero Down as having a "Slower, 80's driving rhythm as well as lightning fast tempos." Their downbeat brand of punk allows for the threesome to truly showcase their talents as musicians.

Frontman Jim cites his musical influences as: Social Distortion, Adolescents, D.I., and Bad Religion. As these bands provide a great foundation for a modern punk rock outfit, Zero Down collectively has a vastly diverse musical pool from which they draw. Guitarist John listens to many types of music, while drummer Milo prides himself on his jazz background. All of these varied influences add to Zero Down's dynamic sound and further strengthen their already proven songwriting.

Drummer Milo says this about being involved in Zero Down, "I was a jazz snob until I got exposed to punk through Down By Law. It was then that I heard the true artistry of punk rock. With A Lifetime To Pay is my favorite recorded work, it's believable music and it feels good to be part of this."

Following the release of With A Lifetime To Pay, Zero Down plans to hit the road hard and tour frequently. Milo expands on this, "Because we've only been a studio band so far, we can't wait to tour and evolve through playing live shows." The future of newcomers Zero Down looks promising, albeit hard to predict. "We just want the kids to like the record." Says Jim about the bands only goal. One listen to Zero Down and that shouldn't be difficult to accomplish.