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Zechariah Maxime Biography

Last updated: 09/25/2011

Zechariah Maxime - Lead Vocalist Hannah Nicholas, Anisha Maximea, Lyndia Nicholas - Back-Up Vocalists Lenon Toussaint - Keyboardist Kaiel Louis - Drummer Marxian Smith - Guitarist Warren Registe - Guitarist

Zechariah Micaiah Maxime (Born August 22nd 1995) is a gospel songstar from Dominica who lives at Bellevue Chopin. He is best known for his ministry in singing and exhorting mainly at the Bellevue Gospel Mission Church which is his home church but wishes to minister in lots more different places and hopes to be the world's next Gospel songstar!


Zechariah Maxime is currently attending the Dominica Grammar School, and is currently in 4th Form. He attended the Newtown Primary School and also wishes to further his education at the Dominica State College and physically in life wants to become either a teacher or an accountant. Maxime started singing from young age and became a star to the public by being on the worship team at the age of 10-11. Micaiah was also an actor and began acting at the same age in a group known as "Angelic Essence" which is no more! All now, Mr.Maxime is exhorting at his home church and told friends and family that he wants to be a preacher and also friends told him that he will become a Pastor even as his father currently is.

Music Ministry

Zechariah Maxime writes his own songs but not with his own beats. Most of the songs seen on lyrics site on the net were written by him such are for example Over The Hills, Good News, Make me holy etc.. but Zechariah wanted musical accompaniment in his recording considering the fact that no studio has notyet been opened to him. So, he downloads beats from the internet and composes songs on these beats, records on these beats, ministers on these beats and says that when a studio has been opened to him, which is his heart's desire, his musicians will flip the songs around, thus making the songs slightly different, different enough to sell to the public. Maxime has been called to many different places to minister and all now so is in that process and maxime also wishes to not only sing in his country but in other Caribbean countries and eventually the rest of the world! Let's pray that this will be a success for him!