Zavorash Albums

  • Nihilstic Ascension And Spiritual Death Album (10/1/2006)
    The Legion Of Vengeance
    Never Blame Her
    Isolation Icon & The Blackguard
    Själslig Slutsats
    Virtious Hatred
    World Dominion
    The Conjuration Of The Dead God
    Truth & Consequence

  • In Odium Veritas 1996-2002 Album (10/1/2004)
    Bluescreen / The Enemy
    Dreams For Ingrates
    Human Delirium
    In Odium Veritas
    Intro (In Odium Veritas 1996-2002)
    The Disciple Of David
    The Superior Creed

  • In Odium Veritas Album (12/1/1998)
    In Odium Veritas
    The Superior Creed
    Dreams For Ingrates
    Human Delirium

  • Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog Album (12/1/1997)
    Prophecy Of Zavorash
    Dying Beneath
    World Rejection
    Releasing The Legion
    An Oath To My Kind
    Return From Grace

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