Zao Lyrics

Jesse Smith - drums
Scott Mellinger - guitar
Rob Horner - bass
Cory Darst - vocals

The best bands continually reinvent themselves, making art
that represents them uniquely yet stays relevant to their
fans. Over the past 4 years ZAO has been one of those
bands, remaining neither lyrically stagnant nor allowing
themselves to be defined by a genre or scene that forces
bands that play aggressive music to conform or be choked
out by some pseudo-macho metal mentality.

ZAO's new record, simply entitled "(Self-Titled)", once
again More...

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Reviews about Zao songs

ghetto white queen of sheeba | Reviewer: victoria helen thomas
    ------ About the song The Last Song From Zion performed by Zao

Halleluuyah Victoria robed in royal purple but draped in emotional humility and austerity very quite humble I am the last Zion Jesus wept see u in paradise beauty is fleeting love is kind charm is deceiting but a true woman who fears the lord is to be praised devine messenger Jehovah is god Malachi Elijah thomas

ZAO ROCKS!!! | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song A Fall Farewell performed by Zao

Zao is my all time favorite band. I NEVER get enough of them. And their lyrics are clean. I like this song especially because they are singing about someone that died and that they hope they moved onto heaven to stay with God and Jesus. This helped me disprove the theorie that most people I know have that screemo is satanic and should be put down and frowned upon.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Ethan!
    ------ About the song The Rising End (The First Prophecy) performed by Zao

Much different than Zao's older music. But I still like it. I gave ot 4\5 because the breakdowns are amazing! :)

... | Reviewer: Liam
    ------ About the song 5 Year Winter performed by Zao

These lyrics are fucking amazing, Zao's purest stage as a band.

Fuckin GooD !! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Autopsy performed by Zao

A fuckin good song !!! My favourite one.. hehe... a bit disapointed by the lyrics... but everybody has feelings heh...

The meaning of this song 01/16/2005 | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song Free The Three performed by Zao

Out of all of the songs from Zao this one has held a great meaning. The song is about 3 eight year old boys in 1993 Arkansas, USA who were murdered. The cops that were sent out for the case were poorly trained and they somehow wrongly accused 3 random teenagers and said that they were part of a Satanic cult. How I know all of this is on one part of the song the singer reads off the report of it then twords the end he says: "the three were accused and arrested, Damian, Justin, and James". After he reads them off his voice sounds so strong and powerfull, it sounded like the angry voice of god punishing the foolish cops. The singer repeats a few times "FREE THE THREE". In the middle of the song he says "you failed to do your job..." and "you lie, you lie, you lie, you lie they pay, they pay, they pay." Basically the cops were being paid to lie about the murder and cover it up with their "superstitions".

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