Zakk Wylde Albums

  • Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live Album
    Heart Of Gold
    Like A Bird
    Blood In The Well
    The Beginning...At Last (Acoustic)

  • Pride & Glory Album
    Losin' Your Mind
    Horse Called War
    Shine On
    Lovin' Woman
    Harvester of Pain
    The Chosen One
    Sweet Jesus
    Troubled Wine
    Machine Gun Man
    Cry Me a River
    Toe'n the Line
    Found a Friend
    Fadin' Away
    Hate Your Guts
    The Wizard
    Torn & Tattered
    In My Time Of Dying
    The Hammer & The Nail
    Come Together
    Mother Mary (original version)

  • The Blessed Hellride Album (5/14/2003)
    Stoned & Drunk
    Doomsday Jesus
    The Blessed Hellride
    Suffering Overdue
    Funeral Bell
    Final Solution
    Destruction Overdrive
    Blackened Waters
    We Live No More
    Dead Meadow

  • 1919 Eternal Album (2/19/2002)
    Bleed For Me
    Lords Of Destruction
    Demise Of Sanity
    Life / Birth / Blood / Doom
    Bridge To Cross
    Battering Ram
    Graveyard Disciples
    Genocide Junkies
    Lost Heaven
    Refuse To Bow Down
    Mass Murder Machine
    America The Beautiful

  • Stronger Than Death Album (4/18/2000)
  • Sonic Brew Album (5/4/1999)
  • Book Of Shadows Album (6/18/1996)

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