Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society Albums

  • Catacombs Of The Black Vatican Album (4/8/2014)
    Fields of Unforgiveness
    My Dying Time
    Angel of Mercy
    Heart of Darkness
    Beyond the Down
    Damn the Flood
    I've Gone Away
    Empty Promises
    Shades of Gray
    Bonus Tracks
    Dark Side Of The Sun
    The Nomad

  • The Song Remains Not The Same Album (5/10/2011)
    Overlord (Unplugged Version)
    Parade Of The Dead (Unplugged Version)
    Riders Of The Damned (Unplugged Version)
    Darkest Days (Unplugged Version)
    Junior's Eyes
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Can't Find My Way Home
    Darkest Days

  • Order Of The Black Album (8/10/2010)
    Crazy Horse
    Parade Of The Dead
    Darkest Days
    Black Sunday
    Southern Dissolution
    Time Waits For No One
    Godspeed Hellbound
    War Of Heaven
    Shallow Grave
    Riders Of The Damned

  • Shot to Hell Album (9/12/2006)
    Concrete Jungle
    Black Mass Reverends
    Blacked out World
    The Last Goodbye
    Give Yourself to Me
    Nothing's The Same
    Hell Is High
    New Religion
    Sick Of It All
    Faith Is Blind
    Blood Is Thicker Than Water
    Devil's Dime
    Lead Me To Your Door

  • Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004 Album (10/4/2005)
  • Mafia Album (3/8/2005)
  • Hangover Music Vol. VI Album (7/1/2004)
  • Blessed Hellride Album (3/25/2003)
  • 1919 Eternal Album (2/19/2002)
  • Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live Album (1/16/2001)
  • Stronger Than Death Album (4/18/2000)
  • Sonic Brew Album (5/4/1999)
  • Book of Shadows Album (4/1/1996)

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