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ZZ Ward Biography

Last updated: 07/06/2012 12:00:00 PM

ZZ Ward's musical path has always straddled two very distinct genres, blues and hip-hop, which she fearlessly melds on her Eleven Roses mixtape. The collection features reinterpretations of some of Ward's favorite hip-hop tracks including Tyler, The Creator's "Yonkers," Childish Gambino's "You Know Me," Freddie Gibbs' "Oil Money," and Wiz Khalifa/Curren$y's "Rooftops," all delivered in her own brand of gritty blues. The offering also boasts two originals produced by Kid Cudi/Cool Kids collaborators, Blended Babies, and two acoustic renditions of songs to be featured on her debut full-length, due out this year on Boardwalk Records/Hollywood Records.

The singer/songwriter, with vocal chops to rival greats such as Big Mamma Thornton, stumbled upon the idea for this mixtape while in search of inspiration during a recording session for her forthcoming album. Per usual, she turned to hip-hop for that stimulus she sought, and when “Yonkers” began to play, her newfound vision was born. “I started singing over [Tyler] and when the chorus dropped I freestyled the melodies you currently hear on ‘Better Off Dead.’ That was the first domino to fall -- the inspiration behind creating the mixtape,” says Ward. Once she acquired the instrumental to the track, in no time at all, she wrote an entire song over it, which lead to dozens more.