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The essence of life is change, and time births wisdom. And
so, we live our lives in front of each other, bringing
front and center the important things, all for the sake of
finding our place within a fast-changing world. For Sparrow
Records recording artist ZOEgirl, fullness of life is
everything, and the group has spent the past three years
exploring, through their songwriting and music, the hard
issues facing teenage girls. Culturally pervasive themes
such as self-esteem, eating disorders, suicide, More...

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Reviews about ZOEgirl songs

Wow... | Reviewer: Breanna
    ------ About the song About You performed by ZOEgirl

God is SO good! Seriously I know what life is like when you try to do it on your own. I don't want to focus on myself anymore. It's not even worth it. God's plans are so much better and He knows the desires of my heart anyhow. If I follow hard after Him, He WILL take care of me. I may not end up living my life of "happiness" as the world knows it. I may not have the nicest car or the newest iPod, but I WILL have true joy and fulfillment in the Lord that won't change when my circumstances do.

Am I the only one.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forever 17 performed by ZOEgirl

Am I the only one who thought this was about teen pregnacy, I understand there a gospel group haha but if it werent for the line I could of had a family. Really though most of it fits about what a 17 year old might be thinking if they found out theyre pregnant. No?

Inspiring! | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song Beautiful Name performed by ZOEgirl

This song rocks the right way! It has truth and meaning to it! It's well worth the listen on "Modern Worship" style Christian Radio, but if you don't have a station like that, these lyrics are inspiring enough!

Beautiful | Reviewer: amber
    ------ About the song Forever 17 performed by ZOEgirl

When I heard this song I thought about the ways young perople have died and one that really struck me was about the Columbine shootings. I don't know if that is absolutely crazy but read it and then tell me it doesn't fit perfectly...

Super!! | Reviewer: Zoegirllover
    ------ About the song Dismissed performed by ZOEgirl

I LOVE this song, I love all of Zoegirl's songs but this is one of my favorites! I'm listening to it right now on my itunes playlist!

The Best | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forever 17 performed by ZOEgirl

This song made me cry too. I reminds you to live out your life like your going to die tomorrow. Thanks for making this song.

HANG ON GIRLS!! | Reviewer: Jessica
    ------ About the song Good Girl performed by ZOEgirl

i loved this song so much, its exactly what some of us christian girls need to hear. if anyone has bebo add me, im just a christian girl doin my best in this world.. www.jezusfreak.bebo.com.
god bless everyone!!

Skin Deep, Real Deep | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Skin Deep performed by ZOEgirl

I loved this song personally. I would find my self repeativly listening to it while I abandoned the other ones on the CD a bit. It's very poetic. It tells a whole girls story in one song. It was meant for a girl who was strong or wants to be strong because she knows she's more than skin deep. She has faith and loves God even when evil tries to come and pull her down. She knows she's different and knows God will love her because he made her more than skin deep. And I found this song had a place in my heart.

    ------ About the song Forever 17 performed by ZOEgirl

this song made me cry! It is so awesome! It proves that you never really know when you will die and to always be sorry for your sins no matter what.

CAPS and spelling problems | Reviewer: Lauryn
    ------ About the song Upside Down performed by ZOEgirl

I do understand that in this internet based world, we hardly ever capatilize things anymore, although I do see fit that the name of the Lord (no matter how He is reffered) should be capatilized. Also, on the first verce of the song it says "empty skieds" where it should say "empty skies." I'm sure it was just a typo.

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