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The millennium hip-hop world is all about the pride, the
culture, and the experience of the South. As the time
ushered in a new age, so did it also ordain southern
hip-hop, particularly that of Atlanta, as one of its most
fertile breeding grounds for producing crops of prolific
rappers. These artists flip a mellifluous vernacular and
drawl when articulating some of the most colorful stories
about growing up in southern ghettos - be they city or
rural. No matter how edgy or boastful some of these tales
might be, most of the time they More...

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Reviews about Yung Joc songs

Sick | Reviewer: goofy taco
    ------ About the song A Couple Grand performed by Yung Joc

This Yung Joc obviously likes choping guys dicks off. Way to go. Yummy. My cat just died. Wtf. Omg Yung Joc is here with a a butcher knife looking at my pants, oh no i have boner. its gonna be so easy for him now.

wrong artist | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Hood Nigga performed by Yung Joc

this is perfromed by Gorilla Zoe as it says in the lyrics

manasuay 3 ya girl suck me to sleep
zoe climax to the peep
i see you , naw you see me
you dont see i see you aint fuckin with me.

what up doe | Reviewer: sharee carter
    ------ About the song Knock It Out performed by Yung Joc

i love dis song keep it up

yung yoc baby | Reviewer: tanika
    ------ About the song 1st Time performed by Yung Joc

this the song i listen to when me and my baby broke up and when i listen to this it may me feel good about myself and now i go with this boy named arul now i all ways think about my 1st time

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