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Perpetrators and haters beware: one of the original thugs, Yukmouth, is returning to the fray with a banging new album, Thug Lord: The New Testament, a collection that finally let's the world know who the true leaders of thug life are.

"Everybody's thuggin' on wax," observes Yukmouth. "To be the epitome of thuggin', I came with the Thug Lord thing. Also, making music is a spiritual thing to me. You need God. So it's... Me and God, the thug and the Lord, together on the album."

Thug Lord: The New Testament arrives two years after Yukmouth set the West Coast on fire with his 1998 double CD, Thugged Out: The Albulation, and his incendiary tribute to Tupac Shakur, "Still Ballin'," with 'Pac's famed side clique, the Outlawz.

The success of that single, however, led more than a few haters to accuse Yukmouth of trying to be the next Tupac. Yukmouth addresses the controversy on "We Gone Ride," a reunion with the Outlawz produced by Rick Rock. "Niggas think I act like 'Pac/Bitch nigga I don't rap like 'Pac/I just get dap like 'Pac/Bring the West back like 'Pac."

"A lot of people say that because I'm thuggin', and I'm the closest movement," to Tupac's influential "Thug Life" agenda, says Yukmouth. "I had to put that out there. I don't sound like 'Pac, I'm just keeping the movement alive. That's all."

"'Pac is a big influence for me, along with Biggie, all of them, just for being young black entrepreneurs that made it out of the gutter."

One track from Thug Lord: The New Testament to look out for, "Clap Yo Hands," is already working the streets harder than a bag of stress; an equally potent second salvo to be aware of, the raucous "Ooh Ooh," is soon to follow. Both should distinguish Thug Lord: The New Testament's gangsta boogie from its more contemplative predecessor. "Last album, I had a lot of storytelling, basically letting people know who Yukmouth is," says the rap veteran of Thugged Out: The Albulation. "Now that I got that off my chest, I can go back to making songs for the people."

In addition to the Outlawz, Yukmouth assembles a gallery of hardcore rap veterans on Thug Lord: The New Testament, including C-BO and Phats Bossi ("Do It Right"), Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Kokane ("So Ignorant") and CJ Mac ("Smile").

Also returning is the R間ime ("R間ime Life," "R間ime Killers"), Yukmouth's extended family of raw dog MCs. Yukmouth says, "I had to come with my own clique, my own fam. The R間ime is basically the people I've been dealing with since I started off my rap career. They're from all different parts of the United States - from the East Coast to the West Coast, on down South. We just unified. Our whole group ain't just based in one city or one state."

Appropriately, Thug Lord: The New Testament closes with a "New Testament" that breaks down Yukmouth's trials and tribulations, from watching his memorable "Ice Cream Man" concept get hijacked by other rappers in the game, to losing both his parents in the mid-90s. "Lord, I'd sacrifice my life/Just to bring my mother back to life/Just to bring my father back to life/Just to bring my potnas back to life," he spits over an emotional Mike Dean production. Nevertheless, he raps, "I'm blessed with a son and daughter/It's like reincarnation of my mother and father/Continuous saga."

Thug Lord: The New Testament is Yukmouth's second album as a solo artist after branching out from his group, the Luniz. Along with partner Knumskull, the Luniz debuted in 1995 with Operation Stackola, which The Source recently named one of the top 100 hip-hop albums of all time. Even more popular than their platinum debut, however, was the massive hit single, "I Got 5 On It," which crossed over to pop radio and eventually sold well over a million copies.

However, Yukmouth says the Luniz haven't released any new material since their second album in 1997, Lunitik Muzik, because he's chosen to focus on his new solo career.

"The Luniz is the funny gangsta side of hip-hop. Yukmouth is the straight gangsta side of hip-hop," he laughs. "I choose to rap like that because that's me - Yukmouth. I got a song on Thug Lord: The New Testament where I take it back to the Luniz style called 'Puffin Lah.' I took it back to the Luniz shit with that just to show niggas I can do what the fuck I want to do lyrically."

Yukmouth adds, though, that he and Knumskull are currently working on a new Luniz album that should drop sometime in 2001. "The Luniz is going to continue. I just had to venture off and do my thing right quick to see if it was the best situation," he says.

Until then, Yukmouth promises to continue to make headbanging music to ride to. "Yukmouth, he's full of energy, aggression, pain, and he's gotta get all that shit off his chest," he explains. "So when he get behind the mic, that's all that comes out - straight fire."

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the first nigga on the west coast with platinum teeth is yuk | Reviewer: mystic spirits | 4/28/13

i will be the last nigga on earth 2 see any fake ass rapper diss my nigga yuk, yuk the only rapper when im playin his song i got lost, jay-z might flow but real artiste put their shit down on paper,when im broke i put ds track thug lord Outro where he says, when i was broke it was all gud when i was smokin tampers 2 d wood it was all,i luv u yuk u d man,i hate master p lik pastor troy. Mystic from Nigeria holla!@fuzzy4view@yahoo.com

yuk is a beast | Reviewer: carl sago | 11/23/09

Yuk is one of the best when it comes to lyrics.If people sit back and listen to what he has to say,then people will agree with that fact.And on top of that when he has beef with someone he buries them with ease,master p,50 cent,and all others that he has rode on don't stand a chance because the nigga is a straight beast,and bleach can't fade that!!!

lisa | Reviewer: kaur | 4/19/09

boy you are really good on the music. i love you all music. you are great look all the time baby. iove you so much i want me sead me any think you want me say love you

The Payback! | Reviewer: Billy D. Joyner III | 12/14/08

Yukmouth your album called albulation your first solo was the best. You proved you were a beast.
I beleive you still are a beast. So do me this one solid and make a albulation II. Just to let niggaz know your the alpha and the omega of this rap shit ya dig! Billy D. From D.C.

yukmouth!! dont diss!! | Reviewer: cassandra | 4/16/08

yukmouth is one of the greatest.. him and tupac are the greatest people on theis earth. these to ppl are real thugs. compared to the stuff that they car hip hop and rap now is nuddin comparpard to them man. ye im a girl but like fuckin yukmouth is the best man anyone ever fuckin diss them ima bomb them.

word!! | Reviewer: leevel chichy | 2/9/08

yeah i agree wid other real g'z n mc's out there that this nigga got flow n talent,no doubt about that..5 on it n other of they tracks ignited the thug in me!!!!!!!!i feel ur rhymes ma brother n keep on.know uv got tru backup from hr..haterz alwaz will be there,but like pap said,u gotta be a real thug to understand talent!!

Brazen-Faced | Reviewer: Pepaka | 5/30/07

I'm from Bulgaria an i gat luv for them thugs.yadadadamean.They r Real thugs i they do real things.yarrraaa

Yuk-a-G-Yadadada-meen!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/06

First of all Yuk a straight thug nigga, annit no gymics an shit, none a dat fiddy snitch shit. Yuks a lyrical technician, droppin mind blowin flows which shit on all dem g-unit bitches. Does anyone out there really think that Spider Loc's a betta mc than Yuk. He killed gayme and he shit on fiddy. Regime Life nigga, an im down wit Yuk till he done mashin on these fool. Godzilla Nigga!! Yadadadamean!! Fuck Gay Dre and Fuck Fiddy da rat, an gayme the fuckin tongue ring faggat!!

Let it be known we feelin you inda UK Yukmeezy!!Smoke-a-lot full stop!!

bringin it back | Reviewer: chorty | 6/20/05

Yuk is one of the siccest to come out of the O A K. People try to say the Game is bringin the west back, that dudes full of shit. Yuk's been droppin more stuff than all those dudes off tv. give respect where respects due.

Yuk is sicc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/05

yukmouth is the illist rapper to walk the globe other than pac! people on him and talk behind his back but when there right infront of him they wont say . People need to realize how much better yuk and other westcoast underground rappers music is than that mainsteam ass . While im at it 50 cent he is a snitch bitch and doesnt have nothing on yukmouth but a bunch of fans that dont understand a real mc!

Only if u really knew hip hop | Reviewer: Tay | 10/6/04

If you really know hip hop you'd see Yukmouth is unconditionally greater than most other rap artist. You front him sayin he's a wanna be Pac. What rapper tries not to be Pac. Y'all thikn Pac is so great but he was only great cuz of the people who listened to him. Yuk has a flow that is sick, lyrics that make u think and spin your head. If you really listen to what he says...he's puttin his home back on the map. The West Coast isnt dead and didnt die with Pac. This man has kept it alive and will keep it alive. Y'all just needa understand him and stop being so picky on what u listen to and listen to stuff for its meaning not cuz how catchy it is or how ever played it is.

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