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Youth Of Today Biography

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Youth Of Today/ History
Members / other bands:
Ray Cappo Vocals Reflex From Pain, Violent Children (drums), Shelter, Better Than A 1000
John Porcelly Guitar Younge Republicans, Violent Children, Judge, Project X, Shelter
Graham Bass Younge Republicans
Darren Drums Younge Republicans
Richie Guitar Underdog, Into Another
Craig Bass Straight Ahead, Sick Of it All, Agnostic Front
Drew Drums Bold, Into Another
Walter Bass Gorilla Biscuits, Moondog, Project X, Quicksand, Rival Schools
Sammy Drums Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Project X, Civ, Rival Schools
Mike Judge Drums Supertouch, Dead Before Dishonor, Judge
Kevin Drums 7 Seconds
Tommy Drums Straight Ahead

Last line-up:

Ray Porcell Walter Sammy

About / some facts:
Band name: "It was an Abused song. It was also mentioned in an Avengers lyric. Cause For Alarm also mentioned
it in their lyrics, (singing) "Youth of today can be the tool." That was out inspiration for the name. "
First tune/s: We Just Might, Youth Of Today, Polluted Mind
First appearance: V/A Make It Work 7"
First album: Can't Close My Eyes
First show: Anthrax, CT 1985 with 7 Seconds
Vegetarian: "After the Youth Of Today song "No More" came out, practically the whole scene went vegetarian."
Tours: from 1985 to 1990, 3 USA tours and one Europe
Influence: Negative Approach, Agnostic Front, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Youth Brigade ...
Last tune: Goodbye, Hello (a.k.a. One Night Stand)
Last album: s/t (a.k.a. Disengage) 7"
Last show: L.A. 1990
Reunion show: 3rd July 1999, some barn in Wallingfor CT

History by Steve Huey, All Music Guide
One of the major bands on New York City's straight-edge hardcore scene, Youth of Today followed most of the
genre's thematic conventions -- disciplined self-reliance, integrity, left-wing politics, and the evils of meat, alcohol
and drugs -- but did so with plenty of inspiring musical energy. Lead
vocalist Ray Cappo (also known as Ray 2 Day) shouted over music
anchored by guitarist John Porcell that generally alternated between
lightning aggression and slower, heavier sections designed for moshing.
Youth of Today debuted in 1985 with an EP, Can't Close My Eyes, and
released its first full album, Break Down the Walls, in 1986; both were
remixed and reissued in 1988. That year's We're Not In This Alone
proved to be Youth of Today's strongest and most listenable musical
effort, but the band broke up shortly afterward. A self-titled, three-song EP of the band's final recordings was issued in 1990; Cappo joined the Hare Krishnas and formed Shelter, a so-called Krishnacore band, while Porcell formed a new group called Judge.
Ray, First Show, The Anthrax 1985
*picture taken from

Youth Of Today - A history, from Live At Van Hall, Amsterdam 1989 7", booklet

Youth Of Today was formed in 1985 by two members of the New York Hardcore band VIOLENT CHILDREN: Ray
Cappo (vocals) and John Porcelly (guitar) . They wanted to start a Straight Edge band, at a time when almost all
the old school Straight Edge bands were gone. It wasn't easy to find bassist and a drummer to complete their band,
so Ray and John were helped out by two friends from highschool, Graham Philips and Darren Pesce.
In 1985 Youth Of Today recorded their debut EP for Positive Force Records: "Can't Close My Eyes". After touring
for a while both Graham and Darren left the band, and two members of New York band STRAIGHT AHEAD joined
Ray and John: Craig Setari (bass) and Tom Carroll (drums). During their second tour Tom left, and Drew Thomas,
drummer of brotherband CRIPPLED YOUTH, was asked to finish the rest of the tour. A short while later UNDERDOG
vocalist Richie Birkenhead joined Youth Of Today on second guitar. With this line-up the first Youth Of Today album
was recorded. It was titled "Break Down The Walls" and released by Wishing Well Record, the label of California

band photo from disengage 7"
Soon after recording the album Drew was replaced by Mike "Judge", who played In DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR and SUPERTOUCH. Bassist Craig left to reform STRAIGHT AHEAD, and Walter Schreifels, who played in the New York hardcore band GORILLA BISCUITS, became the bassist. At the end of the "Break Down The Walls" tour, that followed the release of the LP, second guitarist Richie left YOUTH OF TODAY, and with this line-up Youth Of Today appeared with two songs on the Revelation Records sampler "New York Hardcore - The Way It Is", alongside New York bands like BOLD, GORILLA BISCUITS, SIDE BY SIDE and SICK OF IT ALL.
At the end of 1987 Mike left the band,a nd Sammy Siegler (ex-
SIDE BY SIDE) became the new drummer. In 1988 Youth OF
Today recorded their classic second LP "We're Not In This Alone", which was released in America by Caroline
Records and in Europe by Funhouse Records. The beginning of the next year, Youth Of Today, whose
line-up was steady at last did a Europe tour, playing shows in
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy,
France, Belgium, Holland and England. In 1990 Youth Of Today
decided to quit and recorded 4 songs for a farewell 7" on Revelation Records. 3 of those songs appeared on the single
"Disengage". Ray Of Today started the Hare Krishna band
SHELTER, and was later joined by John Porcelly. Walter was
playing guitar in Gorilla Biscuits from 1987 on, and was joined
on the European tour of GORILLA BISCUITS in 1990 by Porcell
and Sammy on guitar and drums. After split of GORILLA
BISCUITS, Walter started QUICKSAND. Sammy is playing drums
in CIV these days, with former members of GORILLA BISCUITS

break down the walls, we-bite reissue
When Youth Of Today split, it seemed the beginning of the end for the second Straight Edge wave, which has begun
in 1985, and which was at its height in 1988-1989. Together with bands like Uniform Choice, Unity, Insted, No For An
Answer and Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today were an inspiration for hundreds of bands all over the world, who combined
the message of Positive Thinking and Straight Edge with energetic and fast hardcore.

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