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Fred Hammond Your Steps Are Ordered Lyrics

Last updated: 03/29/2009 11:00:00 AM

Every step of a righteous man
Is ordered by God
Though you may not know his mind
He will reveal it all in time
Just know till then
Your steps are ordered by God

Verse 1
When it feels like the mountains to high
And your tired of the climb
When it feels like my patience is frustrated with time
I depend on the spirit
To gently remind


Verse 2
When my faith is challenged
And my vision is obscured
When I'm hanging on by a thread
And my footings unsure
I hear in the spirit
One word to help me endure
And it says ordered

Ordered, Ordered, Ordered
Before the world was framed
Ordered, Ordered, Ordered
Before the whole world was framed
Ordered, Ordered, Ordered
Through the fire
Through the flood
When life takes you through winding turns
Ordered, Ordered, Ordered

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indeed ordered | Reviewer: paul sadare | 3/27/09

this is my song @ orientation camp as a youth corp memeber. we took it @d NCCF fellowship and all fers of posting were gone. Fred, you're my mentor till i die! I'm taking after you the more especiall when i caught you live @ EXPERIENCE 2009 in NIgeria.
I'll keep preaching JESUS only in YOUR songs.
Fred, how do you write? pls mail me cos 1 day im gonna share platform with you!!!