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Curbsquirrels Your Song Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2004 09:33:21 PM

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Number one in my life has to be my Savior.
Has to be the one who loves me forever and ever.
I had to make this sacrifice,
to keep Him where He ought to be.
I feel I owe it to Him
since he died for me.

I'm sorry to get you involved in this.
I'm sorry I took your heart
and clenched it in my fist.
I didn't mean the hurt I obviously caused.
I just want you to know what is in my heart.

A change for the better a broken heart for life.
You may not see the good in this.
Something had to be done
to keep me where I belong.

Right now it doesn't seem right,
why we had to suffer and
cry ourselves to sleep at night.

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