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Your Shapeless Beauty Biography

Last updated: 04/20/2006

Group of the stage Arlésienne was created at the end of 1994, Your Shapeless Beauty counts among these members of the longstanding friends and the experienced musicians who will allow him to make point out in the French and international underground stage. Her démo first one available "Your Shapeless Beauty" in K7 at the end of 1995, is accepted and since then reissued on CD by the French quality-label Adipocère Records in 1996. This date will mean for the group the beginning of a long collaboration with the quality-label which will allow him to promote its musical world imprinted by references to numerous musical styles without restriction, in the single purpose, "Delighted" : " Sycamore Grove " (1999), " Terrorisme Spirituel " (2001), "My Swan Song (2003)" but it will not prevent the group from accepting the collaboration in 1997 with the quality-label Norwegian Edge Circle Production on plan "Songe en Dehors..." become EP mythical .

During last 10 years (on 1995... On 2005), the group will know difficult instants with the relocation of the members a bit everywhere in France (Arles, Nancy, Paris) and several changes of percussionist which will decelerate his progress, but will not prevent it from asserting its qualities and its ambition, on CD and in live, by participating in concerts everywhere in France with KALISIA, AD-NUTUM, DARKEN, FILTHY CHARITY, ETERNAL WINTER SEASON, ODDMÖNGERS, FOREST OF SOULS, MISANTHROPE, WINDS OF SIRIUS, AGRESSOR, FURIA... and present guarantor for the first ones left acknowledged groups as MY DYING BRIDE, THE BLOOD DIVINE, OBSCENITY, MALTHUS, KRABATHOR, EVOL, DAMNATION AD, ...AND OCEANS, BLOODTHORN, NOTRE DAME...