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G-Unit Your Not Ready Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

Don't say your ready, your not ready,
we don't shoot on one, no once,
nigga's will crack you or attack you either way your ass is done
an when them shells hit you and they split you,
you going scream like a bitch,
in your dreams it don't feel how it feels when your hit

mama's baby boy is a killa,
ain't it funny how them guns get the pop on them squellas'
b4 i was 19 I love that lil nigga
from five grand nigga's will air the strip out
for ten grand nigga's will run up in your house
have your ass tryna talk with a gun in your mouth
new york is taught to get money down south
but your not from the common wealth state, your ass out


[Tony Yayo]

When my warriors come out and play, more sirens
I eat, sleep, shit and catch niggaritis
and beat nigga's down like the turtles on rikeis
Im a cheap ass connect with some high ass prices
I've been holdin' fo fo's and mack 10's
since Tim Dog was on raw dog G ten
I'm the nigga on the strip that make feins relapse
I'm the nigga on the strip thats a walking G path


Lloyd Banks]

I don't pass woman but I throw the bitch in a sleepa
been this way since rockin was kicking a speaker
you can fly on holidays like x-mas and easter
the only way to yellow ice is if you piss in the freezer
I'll put your panther in a case and offer him some mase
you suppose to be getting money take that carpet off your face
I'm in the blazer, top of the race
nike fanatic spend a couple mill on a ring
look what happen to mase, I hope you see them same lighters
take my tape from me but you on vitams
I might of been, the G 5 drunkin, thumpin
the chronic one ridin with the hummma
I'm on the run from marriage, to rolling the carriage
to go with the average, somewhat established
I'm performing if they come with the cabbage
these bitches want my son in their carriage
but I don't wanna feel dumb and embrassed BITCH!

[50 Cent]
dumb ass nigga's
none of ya'll fucking with us man
G Unit
hottest nigga's out in the street rite now[tell them nigga's]
Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, the general 50 Cent nigga
yeah you heard muthfaucka[go head scream my name nigga]
go head and same something

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