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Youngbloodz Biography

Last updated: 12/26/2013 07:26:25 AM

Sean Paul alongside J Bo, from the rap group better known to the world as “YoungBloodZ” have been on a steady incline attempting to change the music industry as we know it, since the 90’s . The group helped to pioneer the Atlanta Hip Hop Scene when they released their first record, **Against Da Grain** while signed to LaFace Records in 1999. They gained huge recognition from fans across the globe with hits like “*U-Way*”, “*Shake um off*” and “*85*” which also featured there LaFace Record label mate, Big Boi, of the Grammy Award winning group Outkast. In 2003, they literally rocked the charts when they released their sophomore album, “*Drankin Patnaz*”. Hits like “*DAMN*” produced by Lil Jon, reached #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and was nominated for a Grammy in 2005. But it didn’t stop there, the two continued to make an impact on Hip Hop with hits like “Presidential”, "*Chop Chop*" and “*Ev’rybody Know Me*” off of their senior album entitled “*Ev’rybody Know Me*”.

The duo’s single “*I’mma Shine*" was featured in the 2006 movie, Step Up, and was also featured on the movie’s soundtrack, which reached #1 on the US Billboard’s Top Soundtracks. YoungBloodZ artist Sean Paul has definitely made his presence known in Hip Hop by appearing on a multitude of hits such as Cherish’s "*Do It to It*", Sammie’s “*You Should Be My Girl*”, and Lil Jon’s “*Snap Yo Fingers*” featuring E-40. Go check out Sean Paul's recent video for “*Million Dolla Dreams*” ft. Jimmy Boi and his hit single “*Down 2 Die*” featuring Crucifix. This song served as a platform for Sean Paul to introduce his fans to what he likes to call his “*Biker’s Life Movement**.

The Atlanta-based super duo rap group “YoungBloodZ” recently leaked the first single, entitled “*Foolish*”. This song is the first official single to be released from the upcoming album entitled “*Back From The Liquor Sto*”. The song revisits the Crunk Music vibe that YoungBloodZ and the South have been well known for influencing since the late 90’s. On this record, set to be released on iTunes, The Group collaborated with a new up and coming producer Rawbeatzz, ZoneBeatzz & Slimm C

In addition to the group’s new solo projects, you will find Sean Paul and J Bo in the studio working on their highly anticipated YoungBloodZ album "Back Fro The Liquor Sto" that is set to be released 2014 under YBZ Music Group.

Thanks to Kim Mason for submitting the biography.