Young Buck Albums

  • Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks Vol 44 Album (10/31/2012)
    This Shit Rough
    Do It
    Kill Sumn
    So Gone
    Front Seat
    Compare Me
    Peep Hole
    Betta Know It
    I'ont Know
    Air Yeezy's
    To Be Continued
    Throwd Off
    The Reason
    Pussy Bill
    Bonus Tracks
    Son Of God
    Where You Want Me

  • Live Loyal Die Rich Album (1/24/2012)
    2nd Chance
    No Place For Me
    Drug Related

  • The Rehab Album (9/7/2010)
    Tha Streetz
    This Is Mine
    Smoke Our Life Away
    Keep It Moving
    Hood Documentary
    Ya Betta Know It
    When The Rain Stops
    Not Killing Me
    Nothin 4 Ya
    The Bust
    Like A Million
    Leave It Alone
    Reality Check
    Straight Outta Ca$hville
    I'm A Soldier
    Do It Like Me
    Let Me In
    Look At Me Now
    Welcome To The South
    Prices On My Head
    Bonafide Hustler
    Shorty Wanna Ride
    Bang Bang
    Thou Shall
    Black Gloves
    Taking Hits
    Walk With Me
    Bonus Track
    DPG- Unit

  • Buck The World Album (3/27/2007)
    Push Em Back
    Say It To My Face
    Buss Yo' Head
    I Ain't Fucking Wit U!
    Get Buck
    Buck The World
    Slow Ya Roll
    Hold On
    Pocket Full Of Paper
    U Ain't Goin' Nowhere
    Money Good
    Puff Puff Pass
    Clean Up Man
    4 Kings
    I Know You Want Me
    Lose My Mind

  • The Clean Up Man: G-Unit Radio 24 Album (2/23/2007)
  • Chronic 2006 Album (12/12/2006)
  • Case Dismissed Album (8/29/2006)
  • T.I.P. Album (11/8/2005)
  • Straight Outta Cashville Album (8/31/2004)

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    Expected... | Reviewer: Primetime
        ------ About the album Straight Outta Cashville performed by Young Buck

    Did you expect anything less from the most advance lyricist to ever come out of the south? You should've known he was going to be on fire right when 50 Cent signed him. His first single Let Me In was one of the hottest tracks in the streets and in the club and this cd is too. His cd is platinum with over a million copies in sales so if you ain't one of the million people that got it you need to go get it you won't be dissapointed.

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