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Birth Date: March 15, 1981

Birth Name: David Brown

How'd You Get in The Game?:

Rap Music, Music was always a part of my life from the beginning. I got in the game from just being heard back in the day. I ran into Cash Money and it didn't happen from there. That was the first established group of people that I met who were ready and were making money in the game. That was 4 years ago. Music has always been a part of me but It just got serious in the past 5 or 6 years.

How'd You Hook Up With G-Unit?:

After my situation with cash money didn't work, I went back to Nashville, TN. I did whatever it takes to make money. I built a relationship with Juvenile. I was at home, and he decided to create a label. So I decided to go out with him on the road, and record, shop myself and with him. We went to NY two and a half years ago .. Juvi had a studio in his bus, and was looking to work with other artists. 50's name was brought up and I was a fan, so I really wanted to make it happen. So 50 ended up coming through, and brought Banks & yayo. We just vibed, we played songs, and he was playing his shit, I was playing mine. It led to us recording a song. It was on "50 Cent's The Future" Mixtape. I had a little 8 bar verse titled a "little bit". From then, I just stayed in touch. 50 said that if my situation happens, I'll come for you, I'll holla. And he did.

What's Your Favorite Song off 'Beg for Mercy'?/Why?:

'G'd Up'. I like the song. For 1, the track is crazy. It was produced by Dr. Dre. It has me, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent on the song. It's what the average ghetto child goes through everyday, and we touching on that subject in the song.

What's Your Favorite Song of all time?/Why?:

Tupac's 'All Eyes On Me'. I really like that song for the simple fact that I feel it now. I understand a little more about what he was saying in that song, and what I'm seeing now.

Who were your influences growing up?:

I caught the Tupac/Biggy era. Tupac, Dre, Eminem. I'm young so I pay my respect to the old school, but I can't sit here and tell you that I was listening to those records and understood what it was saying.

What Made You Want to be a Rapper?:

I've been illegal for so long you understand? Just to do something that I'd love to do, and its legal. It drew my attraction because I've got a true love for the music before the money. So if I can do something I love and make money I'm with it. My inspiration is my Daughter. To provide for her. That's my Extra Push. I don't' ever want to go back to Having Nothing. That makes me go 10 times harder then the average rapper.

What Artist and/or Producer Would You Like to Work with?:

Timbaland. I wouldn't mind working with Timbaland. As far as artists I've always wanted to work with 50, Em, Dr. Dre, and Snoop.. so that has come true. I've accomplished that. I wouldn't mind working with Scarface, Jay-Z and Snoop on my Solo Project.

How do you feel about the Southern Rap Movement being so strong right now?:

I respect all Southern Artists. The South .. We got a lot of weight on our shoulders. Anyone coming from the south I got a ear for. I love Little John, DTP, Luda's whole thing, TI, UGK, Style Camp, Serving the world click they gone be real hot.

What other Album, aside from 'Beg For Mercy', are you anticipating this year?:

We so focused. All I'm worried about is this 'Beg for Mercy' Album. I can't stop listening.

What's your Most Memorable Moment Since Everything Jumped Off In The Past Year?:

Buying my Mamma a house, and seeing a smile on her face. I lived in the projects till I was 22 years old. I'm 22 now. I lived in the project by choice. The lifestyle became accustomed to me and my family, so you don't really want to leave. When I got my Mamma up out of there, that's the most memorable thing in my life.

What do you do in your free time when you have it?:

Smoke Weed.

What's the Difference between performing Here in the US and Abroad?:

I think that here they know the music. They get a chance to see you here. Overseas you don't get to see us period, so the thought of us not coming back draws everybody, and it makes more people come together, it's a lot more energy.

Anything Else You Want to Say?:

The Dirty South Is here. Nashville, TN, that's where I'm from! It was a long time coming, but we here now, and it's all good.

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Why I Luv Young Buck & G Unit Family? | Reviewer: Rebie Oliver | 9/10/10

I luv young buck & g unit family because they bring something new 2 the table that other people are not hearing everyday! Dats wat I like about g unit! Everybody have their own different sound & flavor! I love 50cent, tony yayo, young buck,& da rest of da g unit family! I wish I could meet them in public! Man! I would be da happiest woman on earth! I Luv U Guyz! Love, Renee!

dirty dirty | Reviewer: FLAMMY | 10/28/09

yeah nigga gat to clean the shit of you cuz didnt like the way gunot treated you but not to woory ur no young-buck keep this earth blunting, frankly am a southside rapper like you and would love to embarass gunot in a public freestyle battle if u could organize that then be certain you would the king of rap world-wide cuz u gat a backup (flammy) l.k tunes for life.. reply via mail urgently

word up to the best!!! | Reviewer: jeremy"BONZ"pedersen | 1/21/09

wat up buck ppl call me BONZ im not quite sure if your actually reading this urself but if so ima let you no that ima big ass fan ur material and ive stuck by you n now that 50 is being an asshole n just drops u im pretty sure he'll regret it haha ima 115 yr old kid that has had a fucked up life such as urself and ive been waiting for the day to meet you i dont if you'd be strollin through new mexico any time soon but if you do ima give you my e-mail address aight plz contact me.......plz

khalil | Reviewer: khalil | 9/28/08

Bigup my man youg buck!whats baby?!chaville records 4eva!mr.ten a key 4life!i'm a big fan of should come to azerbaijan for a tour.we luv ya here.fuck fitty ,he acted like a bitch after that taped conversation.your fans never gonna let you down.we got your back baby

much love | Reviewer: nekia watkins | 11/25/07

man i always love u i used 2 live in cashville on 14th ave man the love u have there is real men when i frist met you was i got there bighair told me i want u 2 met someone isai who he said u will be big one day in the music world and you are someone u just past me the weed and we all just kick all that day ot was cool and when i see u on tv i be like there buck thats my boy is youngbuck he doing is thang. lovems.detroit

BUCK RULE THE WORLD !!!!! | Reviewer: weed smoker | 11/24/07

Yeah man , pls come in bulgaria again and make some concert but pls come alone , as i listen 50 cent`s songs now he don`t make music like he must to make , he make shitty music :( and that`s bad i was big his fan but now i`m fan to u cuz only u from g-unit make the most cool songs !

And the concert in bulgaria with u make on 15 June 2006 WAS THE BEST , and i loved the part when u smoke weed :)

\/ PEACE !

why love young buck and g unit | Reviewer: mercedes hernandez | 11/11/07

i am such a big fan of buck and g unit and i am the only at school people had so much hatred toward g unit and said so much things about them but that interfear with how much i liked them i
but my friend dont know much about them but i love g-unit alot they come first out of my favorite artists and someday i hope to met them!!!!

Buck the WORLD..... | Reviewer: Ann | 9/3/07

Mr. Brown,

I have been digging you for quite some time NOW. I just can't get my mind off of you and your BODY. I read every article about you and listen to every story. I am in the Chatt area and I would LOVE to meet you. Because YOU have that SOUTHERN SWAG.


My future Husband | Reviewer: Ya future Wife! | 7/19/07

I love u!! I always listen to ya music man. I got pics of u all over my room. Besides tha fact I think u are so Sexii I think u are a great rapper. Ya always keep it real. So keep spitin dat fiya iight. muah! hugs and kisses boo boo. I love u!!

About the artist/band Young Buck | Reviewer: YounGRule | 6/27/07

Hey Man Wazz Up "Mad Person"Thanna i readin' ur interview :"bio": but man Really u are one of my Favourates Rappers Of The World...I Feelin' ur voice in ur "Dirty Music" and u seem that u are so Good Rapper and u to be "1" with ur Music...
Man I Like ur "Star Az Begin of the Ridah" playin' with ur opportunity who gave the Lord and really i believe to ur Choices...Pizzy Az Good Luck...

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