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Tonex You Lyrics

Last updated: 05/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Verse 1
When I was just a kid I used to think about it
The day when I would have a girl to call my own
I searched a lifetime and I prayed to God about it
Then you came and you changed my life
With a love I’ve never known so what do I do?

Every night when I pray it’s for you
Anything that you ask me I’ll do
Want to spend my forever with you
I’m complete as a man thanx to you

Verse 2
The first time we went out remember you couldn’t speak?
My heart it raced so fast I just couldn’t seem to eat
At work I couldn’t function had to hear your voice
Head over heels for you and that is why
I made a choice and I choose you


I tried and I tried and couldn’t shake it
I tried to play it off but let’s just face it
I’m in love with you, darling
You turned my world upside down
And made my dreams reality
Nothing else matters to me
The only thing that concerns me…is you


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