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My hands are broken,
and time is going on and on it goes,
forever (how long?)
So I got high and,
lived all that life
that I have taken all for granted

Promise me you'll try,
to leave it all behind
'Cause I've elected hell,
lying to myself
Why have I gone blind?
Live another life

You (x2)

The only way out
is letting your guard down and never die
forgotten (I know)
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Forgive me my love
I stand here all alone
And I can see the bottom

Promise me you'll try,
to leave it all behind
'Cause I've elected hell,
lying to myself
Why have I gone blind?
Live another life

You (x6)

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You. | Reviewer: artiekey | 7/27/12

I think 'you' is his little baby. He have to leave her behind. And now, he is doing his last conservation with her, he says promise me you'll try, leave it all behind (leave me and past behind) And he ask for forgive(forgive me my love), cause little baby didnt deserve what he done.

my interpretation | Reviewer: Ron | 6/12/12

sounds like a story about a man who feels guilty about using drugs and feeling responsible for influencing a love into using with him.but he wants to change.asking her to promise to try and leave it all behind.he feels responsible(cause i've elected hell).he feels lost and helpless(why have i gone blind). live another lie(the realization of a recovering addict).

you breakin benjamin. He is dead and talkin from above | Reviewer: shanul singh | 6/4/12

his hands are broken, because he cant do anything to help her grief over him. As he is dead. And watchin from high above in heaven or hell. He has eternal life-but when he says forever he means watchin her grief and pain is torture to him and feels like forever. So when he says high, he means heaven or hell. Thats why he talks about to live another life. He then mentions best way for her to move on is to let her guard down, so she can love again by lettin him go and lovin someone else. Thats why he says promise me u will try to leave all this behind, their memories etc. He wants her to move on with someone else, thats why he says i elected hell.

You... | Reviewer: Tom | 11/10/11

To me, this song is about a man who has been driven to living a lie by a woman who ignores him. (Why have I gone blind? ... You)He finally gives up, and tells her to leave him alone (Promise me you'll try to leave it (me) all behind,cause I've elected hell, lying to myself (about her))

my veiw of the song | Reviewer: view | 12/11/10

You say broken hands mean exactly what it says. What if broken hands is a symbol that he can't love anymore? When you have broken hands it is hard to do anything that requires your hands. Maybe broken hands means a broken heart and he can't love again.

Good Points | Reviewer: Chris Littlejohn | 6/11/10

He Lost His Love, He Started To Do Drugs To Drown The Pain. His Hands Are Broken Because He Was Mad( I Know Me And Many Other Guys When We Get Angry We Hit Things) When He Says He Has "Gotten High And Lived All That Life I Have Taken For Granted" He Realizes That Instead Of Trying To Fix The Problem, He Wasted His Time With Getting High." The Only Way Up Is By Letting Your Guard Down" Most People When They Are Emotionally Hurt They Put Up A Mental Block To Suppress The Feelings. " Forgive Me My Love I Stand Here All Alone And I Can See The Bottom" He Understands That He Has Messed Up, That He Regrets The Things In His Life. The Chorus Just States That She Deserves A Better Life Than He Can Offer.

You are looking into the physical traits of the lyrics | Reviewer: Joshua | 6/9/10

All of you are looking into the lyrics as physical things, "So I got high" isn't necessarily refering to getting high, it could be, but most likely getting high is symbolism for doing bad, and he is telling his love that she could do better than he has done with his life, "Why have I gone blind" shows that he regrets all the bad he has done, but he feels it is to late to take back what he has done and for his love to not go down the same road he has.

contact sports | Reviewer: zach | 6/2/10

what you are saying bout the drugs makes sense, but it could also refer to boxing or wrestling, etc, "my hands are broken". i dont know if steroids get u high or not, but if they do, that could be a referance to the 4th stanza. and about him losing his true love and telling her to find someone better is also seemingly true. but like i said, he could be on steroids and not trust himself to be nonviolent with her, so he sends her away.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

I think the song is about a guy who let go of the one person he really loved and he took her for granted, so he tries to cover up the pain with drugs. As much as he loves her he knows that she deserves a better life so he is saying go live a different/better life than what he can give her and to leave the pain in the past. He realizes he's the one who messed up and she shouldn't have to suffer for it.

...yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/10

the lyrics to me, feel so much like my life right now, my boyfriend just told me hes doing weed and has been hiding it from me for two weeks now, and im going nuts, and we just had a big fight, and haven't talked all day...he was also abused as a child and keeps thinking about it and its making him shake....bad...

lost love... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

to me, this song is about a guy who lost his true love, then found her again after time had taken its toll on him. He buried his pain in drugs and other women, and then when he found his true love again, it was impossible to be with her... he wants her to give up everything to be with him, and he is willing to give up everything to be with her, but she cant....

a familiar story | Reviewer: Kelly | 7/17/09

A story about a man who lost the one thing that meant the world to him, the one thing that kept him going. He begs her for a new beginning because after whatever mistake he made, he realizes that that person is worth making up to for the rest of his life. A classic story of love loss and hope for a new beginning. i love it.

means so much | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

for me, its about being sombody your not. Pretending to be sombody else to try and fit in more, or be accepted. in the process, forgetting yourself completely. it seems completely harmless at first but afterwards, you regret every part of it.

:( | Reviewer: ........ | 11/5/07

it kinda reminds me of my life right now fuck i wish it didnt but why why why........ but i love the song and the band they fucking rock and there was a concert last night that had them at it and i didnt get to go *tears* but i still love these guys!!!!!!

hope | Reviewer: ...... | 9/23/07

great instrumentals and vocals. and a song with true deep meaning.. highly possible to change a life and make a situation better. everybody get it now and support breaking benjamin fuck yeah!!

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